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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Naval Base
Diameter: 9127 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 88%
Climate: Cold
Population: 2.87 Billion (163.4 Million Aslan)
Government: Impersonal Bureaucracy
Law Level: 4
Tech Level: 12

This world's name comes from the high levels of algae in its ocean water, giving the world a blue-green coloration that is quite striking from space. Despite its cold temperatures inland, the moderate seasons and long growing year of the coastal regions attracted truck farmers to this world as early as the 390s. Year round supplies of naturally grown fruits and vegetables are a major source of income for this underdeveloped world. This moderate climate also attracts large numbers of seasonal visitors wanting a "summer home" for whatever reasons. Land shortages prompted cool attitudes to new offworld immigration, and the current government was established three hundred years ago to ensure equitable distribution and access, though in reality it has favored large landholders and offworld corps. This engrained conservatism makes Peridot one of the most vocal of Free Soil worlds, and several factions have been implicated in terrorist operations against both local and offworld Aslan, and an increasing number of human reformers as well.

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