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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Naval Base
Diameter: 8326 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard, tainted with pollutants
Surface Water: 63%
Climate: Warm
Population: 34.2 Billion
Government: Dictatorship
Law Level: 9
Tech Level: 15

Neumann is the most progressive of Trojan Reach's industrial worlds. For centuries it was a major base of the General Development Company, and a major recipient of its ministrations. Even in Antebellum times high expectations existed about the world's prospects as an industrial power in the Thinrim. In the aftermath of recieving IDP subsidies, the world is now "banging" on the TL-15 cap, and could advance to TL-16 in less than a decade. Anti-Aslan prejudice is rare, and trade with the Hierate is vigorous and free.

Most of Neumann's industries are engineering and R&D oriented, and major Regency and Aslan corps maintain a number of labs and design studios. Neumann has also become a major producer of "Post-Virus" robotics and automation, as robotic science was preserved locally in spite of wide hysteria in the wake of the Rape of Trin. Neumann is also a major source of naval and RQS vessels, which are primarily produced in the orbiting Plant 93 high over head. Neumann's shipyards are owned by Grand Design of Glisten, and the company bases half of its R&D personnel here.

Because of the local economy's heavy technical orientation, a number of major educational institutions support local industry. These include the privately run Suo Polytechnic University, and the government run Neumann National University, both of which have a heavy concentration in sciences and engineering. Suo Poly is entirely based in its own space habitat; SP has its own production facilities, allowing hands on training in a number of industrial applications and vacuum operations.

The rest of the Neumann system is heavily populated as well. Neumann's large moon, Ringler, has a population of twelve million, and is the site of the main naval base insytem. The Regency Navy and local military also maintain a number of joint training facilities in Neumann's innermost asteroid belt, which is also home to a population of four million people, primarily working for mining companies. Neumann's nearest neighboring world, Wittkop, possesses a thin atmosphere and is covered in large glaciers; the world is inhabited by several scientific collectives and a pair of reclusive religious groups.

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