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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Naval Base
Diameter: 9666 Miles
Atmosphere: Insidious (Acidic mixture under high pressure)
Surface Water: 80% Acidic Oceans Climate: Very Cold
Population: 690 Million (73.1 Million Aslan)
Government: Feudal Technocracy
Law Level: None (but with strong cultural inhibitions against intercommunal violence)
Tech Level: 14

Dolberg was originally settled by Imperial colonists in 859. Despite its deadly atmosphere, the world had very rich sources of platinum group metals, deposited on the shorelines of the world's acidic oceans. A number of Imperial companies built facilities on the world to harvest these resources, and export them back to the Imperium. Labor struggles led to the imposition of a cynical bureaucratic government at the behest of these offworld commercial interests, often citing a repressive code of environmental laws known as the Codex to enforce its decrees. The government and its backers were strongly Pro-Imperial, but mostly as a marketing ploy to maintain the Imperium's goodwill, and preserve the world's independence.

Dolberg was invaded by a very strong force of Aslan Ihatei in late 1118, and the government surrendered without a fight, even though the populace wanted to resist. Aslan rule was rather benign, though unpopular. The world was liberated by Regency forces in early 1132, and was incorporated into its borders as a final adjustment. The planetary governments' poor performance against the Aslan led to widespread unrest, and it was overthrown in a bloodless coup in 1135. Longstanding anger over the excessively onerous Codex led to a rejection of any kind of centralised authority, and a moderate feudal technocratic network has become the main government. The lack of a unifying legal code has been compensated for in part by the creation of a communal security force, and a "karma" system of protocols and predefined accepted behavior practiced by major community groups and local businesses.

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