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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Naval Base
Diameter: 4612 Miles
Atmos: Thin Tainted (Low Oxygen)
Surface Water: None Climate: Very Hot
Population: 45.48 Billion (2.37 Billion Aslan)
Government: Technocracy (Actually a coalition of factions descended from the Aslan occupation)
Law Level: 2
Tech Level: 15 in the major cities, 14 in the countryside.

Albe orbits its primary: Algernon. A hot, bone dry world, it was chiefly colonised to exploit metal deposits on its sister worlds Hardy and Thackeray. The world surface has no sources of water, but the mantle and lower crust are heavily saturated with "meteroic" water deposited by ancient vulcanism. Because of the low O2 content, most of the population lives in large subterranean cities known as Kivas, these structures are built with the same care and skill reserved for space habitats, and are fully sealed and self-contained. Albeans are notorious for their conservation habits, and a waste-not, want-not philosophy permeates their culture and institutions.

Albe was conquered by a large Ihatei force, after a bitter fight, in early 1119. In many cases the population retreated into their kivas and maintained passive resistance against their conquerors. Resistance was so bad that the clans were induced into ruling the world from orbit, which is to say not at all. De facto independence from any power led to a power struggle between several resistance groups and the central government, which degenerated into a full civil war fed in large part by clashing personalities and a decline in civic unity encouraged in large part by the growing influence of guerilla groups. Even after the world's Liberation by the Regency in 1132, it wasn't until 1144 that these wars finally ground to a halt.

The local space defenses are among the most powerful in the Regency. Several planetoids are located in orbit, having been hollowed out for meson guns, missle bays and launch facilities. These Cerberus stations are fully mobile 500,000 ton moniters, and a total of five are on permanent station. Ten smaller 75,000 ton Garm stations supplement their bigger brothers from their assigned positions orbiting Albe's satellite, Manley.

Behind this shield a large new highport, the Miniver station, has been constructed for trade between the Hierate and the Regency. Miniver has a population of over five hundred million, much of it transient, and it is the largest conveyor of goods between the two states along their entire border with each other. Most of the station is little more than a giant warehouse and ship servicing facility. Most actual business occurs in the capitol city of Koresh, in a massive market facility known as the Albe Exchange. This is one of the few good legacies of the whole Midashi business, a purpose built trading and diplomatic center to facilitate contact and good relations between the Regency and the Hierate. The Exchange is a virtual embassy for every major clan in the Hierate, and there is subsidised housing and facilities for Aslan trade and diplomatic delegations. Located not to far away from the Exchange are the headquarters of Prismodyn and the famous/infamous Midas Research Lab, where Midashi entertained Albe for about ten years with his wondrous "discoveries", and engineered the collapse of the local economy in 1147.

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