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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B
Diameter: 7242 Miles
Atmos: Thin
Hydro: 21%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 494.3 Million (53.4 Million Aslan)
Government: Dictatorship
Law Level: 14
Tech Level: 5

The local dictatorship was fearful of allowing the Representational Reforms to occur on Attee. But at the same time it managed to convince itself that it could ignore that they even existed by somehow isolating its subjects from it popular appeal. Attee's police and security services stamped out reform movements, and liberalism was stillborn. But Attee's rulers failed to take into account the existence of the Escape Clause. With the removal of the extrality zone around their main downport, hundreds of millions of local citizens have simply walked off the world, leaving a planet filled with abandoned settlements and a failing economy.

Today, only 10 percent of its population remains, the result of massive offworld emigration to Gazulin and Tobia. The surface of the world is dotted with abandoned communities, and these are visited by frequent military patrols to keep out renewed Fteirle intrusion.

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