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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Naval Base
Diameter: 4304 Miles
Atmos: Thin Tainted (High Oxygen)
Surface Water: 38% Climate: Very Hot
Population: 36.11 Billion (2.85 Billion Aslan)
Government: Technocracy
Law Level: 8
Tech Level: 15 verging on 16

The reasons for Tobia's settlement have been lost to antiquity. The world has very unpleasant atmosphere and hothouse climate, and most of the population lives in large arcologies at the planets poles. Tobia is heavily industrialised despite its high O2 content, and specialises in industries like electronics and communications. Many so called "infrastructure" firms like structural engineering, industrial process design, construction, and systems engineering are also found in large concentrations. Tobia has a highly skilled labor force, and is one of the Regency's premier industrial worlds.

Because of the challenges that Tobia's environment presents to its population, a regimented society has grown up to inculate and enforce basic rules of survival. A "role model" state exists, where educators, medics, emergency workers and other people in public authority positions are looked up to as the governing elite. Much of Tobia's culture centers around the exaltation of self-sacrificing communal service. Where on most worlds the jobs at the pinnacle of society are basically high ranking bureaucratic positions in the private or public sectors, becoming a firefighter or some other scion of public service is the apogee on Tobia. Employment in these fields is severely restricted to the same degree that legal and medical fields are on other worlds.

Stationed in geostationary orbit is the famous Gordian Knot Complex, a grouping of several space habitats and orbital factories. The Knot is home to the largest concentration of shipyards in the Regency, and virtually every major shipbuilder has at least one facility among the many. About two billion people live in the Knot, working primarily in export industries that ship goods to across the Spinward Extents. Nearby is the Fontana Arcology, the headquarters and main marshalling point for the Regency's 128th Fleet, which is responsible for deep rift patrols into the Islands Subsectors and beyond. The 128th is supplied exclusively with high jump warships, which are generally destroyers and cruisers, and includes few capital ships.

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