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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class A, Droyne Military Base
Diameter: 4892 Miles
Atmosphere: Standard
Surface Water: 63%
Climate: Warm
Population: 512.6 Million Droyne
Government: Droyne Communal
Law Level: 10
Tech Level: 15

This remote world was always the subject of major Imperial interest since its contact in 776. The former Ancient sites are well preserved despite Final War damage, and the local Droyne community is one of the most advanced and well organised known in antebellum times. Extensive terraforming was carried out by the Ancients, lowering the worlds surface temperature to bearable levels, and the current community continues this work, albeit in a less advanced manner. The local factories and yards are the heart of the Regency's defenses in the region, and about half of the ships that are manned by the 231st originated on Auitawry. Despite the threat of Virus infection, automation and robots are used heavily in factories and mines, and most of these are equipped to permit the Droyne supervisors psionically appraised of their status. The local red zone is no longer backed by an interdiction, and now merely reflects the worlds dangerous position near the Wilds, and previous attacks by Vampire fleets coming through the Rift via calibration points. The old antebellum interdiction was similar to that used for the worlds of Candory and Andor in the Marches, and extensive commercial contact was permitted within the confines of the downport.

The main naval base is located entirely in orbit, and has the facilities and logistical base to function as an old Imperial naval depot. The base is known as Crosshairs in memory of the Solomani intel operation that the 231st is based upon, and functions both as a defense facility, and as a base for operatives working in the Imperial and Aslan Wilds. One of Auitawry's moons, nicknamed Mellow by the Naval and RQS crews, has been given over to the Regency forces as a rest and recreation facility. The high stress and long duty tours of the Rift can build up, and Mellow's bars and resorts are infamous dives, as crews blow out their tensions in dramatic fashion. Naturally most Droyne are barred by their government from visiting Mellow.

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