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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Naval Base
Diameter: 4165 Miles
Atmosphere: Thin, Tainted with CO2
Surface Water: 3%
Climate: Very Hot
Population: 3.41 Million
Government: Participatory Democracy
Law Level: 3
Tech Level: 13

Sarage was deliberately settled by the Third Imperium in the late 700s as a contact colony with the remote Droyne world of Auitawry. Most of the population was either scientists studying the Droyne or traders and support personnel. Because of the sensitive nature of this world, the Imperium provided it with its own defense forces, and created institutions that made the world virtually self governing. Since the Collapse the population has swelled with Quarantine and naval personnel, and several hundred thousand of their dependents, for Sarage's military base is the main housing center for the 231st. Several large monitors patrol the system, and several naval battles have occured near local refueling sources in the past.

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