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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B
Diameter: 903 Miles
Atmosphere: Trace
Surface Water: 2%
Climate: Normal
Population: 1.42 Million
Government: Bureaucracy
Law Level: 7
Tech Level: 9

This funny world with a Vilani name is a far flung colony settled from Vland in the early 400s. The colonists were mostly Vilani disenchanted with the young Third Imperium, and who migrated here with the same, mostly Solomani wave that settled the Borderland and other now predominantly human regions of Trojan Reach. Gikarlum is very traditional, all aspects of Vilani culture are enforced by the bureaucratic government, which is itself divided into the traditional three bureax system. The world is not a popular place for crews from either the Regency or the Aslan to visit, as the local authorities are not very keen on turning their world into a watering hole for either, and keep the amenities that attract offworld spacers to a minimum.

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