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by Pete Gray

Starport: Class B, Aslan Clan Naval Base
Diameter: 6890 Miles
Atmosphere: Dense
Surface Water: 96%
Climate: Chilly
Population: 8.26 Billion
Government: Rep. Democ.
Law Level: 5
Tech Level: 10

Tisilli is the main interface world between the Aslan and the bases of the 231st. While given exclusive control of the worlds in this borderland, the Regency must share patrolling of this region with the Hierate, and the local "Clan" naval base is a joint facility where most Hierate patrols begin their operations. Tisilli was a very rich world in antebellum times, as it was a rich source for heavy metals exported to the Aslan, and the money from this trade was well invested by the local population into terraformation projects, local education and infrastructure. Blessed with comfortable lives and nearly full employment, few Tisillians abandoned the world when they were offered passage by the Aslan or the Regency. The world has replaced its old Virus vulnerable computer systems with new resistant ones of local manufacture and design, and this has become a supplementary source of income through exports to the Hierate.

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