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Voskl Trade Alliance

by Eamon Watters

The Voskl Trade Alliance (VTA) is a loose confederation of worlds in the Voskl subsector (D) of the Old Expanses. The primary aim of the alliance is to strengthen the economies and raise the technological level of it's member states.

Member Worlds

Daslon (2705)
Malcan (2707)
Rusco (2706
Dycarl (2806)
Horejs (2907)
Voskl (3006)

Future of the Alliance

Voskl's view of the Alliance's future is that it will continue to trade hi-tech equipment to the other members, slowly raising their TL, whilst theirs races ahead with the relic technology they obtain in return. There isn't much the rest of the alliance can do to oppose Voskl, but Dycarl sees itself as outstripping Voskl in tech level in a decade or so, given their original high level. They will not oppose Voskl openly, but hope to launch their own recovery missions into the wilds in time. Voskl's primary aim is to secure proper spaceship, and eventually starship production

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