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Empire of Solee

by Derek Stanley


The Empire of Solee is an aggressive, expansionist, Pocket Empire with its activities contained largely to the coreward regions of Shenk Sub-Sector, Old Expanses.

Possessing a small number of serviceable large scale capital vessels and a number of other, smaller, jump capable ships, the Empire of Solee represents possibly the single greatest threat to the newly emerging Reformation Coalition in the foreseeable future.

Political Wisdom

Until recently Solee was governed by a relatively ineffectual and highly corrupt, Representative Democracy. However, less than ten years ago a number of high ranking Naval Officers, led by the ambitious and talented Gabriella Ramstattan, staged a relatively bloodless coup d'etat, replacing the unpopular former political structure with a more efficient and streamlined military government.

The new Soleean government began and aggressive series of public works accompanied by a massive military build up. This military build up culminated with the recommissioning of a number of large scale, 30,000+ displacement tons, capital vessels. These actions have served to make the new government wildly popular at home. In spite of her efforts to stamp out the corruption that pervaded the previous government, the newly proclaimed Empress of Solee has been completely unable to deal with the situation. It would seem that the concepts of bribery and shady political dealings are too deeply ingrained upon the collective psyche of the Soleean people.

Aggressive and competent, Gabriella Ramstattan, the Empress of Solee, is deeply concerned with her own political future. She realizes that as long as she continues to ride the wave of popular support she remains relatively invulnerable. However, with the recent turn of military fortunes her government is experiencing, Solee has become bogged down in a pair of protracted wars of conquest on the planets of Hindahl and Marcena, the Empress has begun looking for other, easier victories to keep her political fortunes afloat.

In early 1202 her fortunes have apparently changed for the better when one of her larger naval vessels intercepted and captured the RCN Marathon Victrix. For better or for worse the Empress of Solee would appear to have finally found an enemy worth fighting.

Before the collapse Solee was the site of a large Imperial Naval Facility, this facility was largely abandoned before the Solomani invasion of 1118 and was quickly converted over for Solomani use. Near the end of the war this bases importance sky-rocketed as renewed offensives by both Margaret and Lucan began to challenge Solomani claims through out the Old Expanses. In 1130, in preparation for a large Solomani push, portions of the 275th fleet and 187th reserve fleet had been moved into the system. These fleets were comprised largely of Solomani vessels; however there were a large number of captured ex-Imperial ships filling out the ranks. On 215/1130 these fleets were infected and quickly disabled by a 1a (Suicide Inducer) strain of Virus.

By 1195 Solee had made a number of critical breakthroughs in the field of Virus detection and elimination. The next logical step was to begin reconditioning the remains of the Solomani fleets that had languished in orbit for the past sixty years.


  • Empress of Solee. "Path of Tears" lists her name as "Christen Overtak," whereas Challenge #76 identifies her as "The Empress of Solee, the Christen Overtak, Her Brilliant Majesty Gabriella Ramstattan."

    This seems to indicate that "Christen Overtak" is an honorific title of some kind and as such I have chosen to refer to her as Gabriella Ramstattan.

  • Another possible source for spare parts for Solee in the near future is the original Imperial Depot at 1213 Old Expanses. Barely eight parsecs, six jumps with a J-2 ship, away this Depot was quickly captured by the Solomani in the early phases of the Rebellion and remained in their hands throughout the duration of the war. It is possible that a large number of Imperial and Solomani Capital Vessels remain in that system awaiting salvage. Though it is likely Virus has looked upon this Depot as a "breeding ground" indicating a high probability of Vampires throughout the system, it is also equally likely that large numbers of these vessels were simply shut down awaiting refit when Virus spread throughout the system.

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