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Empire of Solee Battle Order

by Eamon Watters, Derek Stanley, Scott Quigg and Lewis Roberts

Ship Type Ship Name
Starburst Light Cruiser Lord Imperial
Rapier Escort Destroyer Imperial Champion
Kinnuir Colonial Cruiser Royal Vengence
Chrysanthemum Escort Destroyer Imperial Justicar
Midu Agashaam Destroyer Kron Prinzessin
Midu Agashaam Destroyer Protector of the Realm
Valor Missile Corvette Star of Solee
Valor Missile Corvette Victory
Valor Missile Corvette Pride of the Empire
Patrol Cruiser Royal Defender
Patrol Cruiser Imperial Guardian
Gazelle Close Escort Glorious Empire
Gazelle Close Escort Triumph
Gazelle Close Escort Eternal Vigilance
Fiery Close Escort Empress' Shield,
Fiery Close Escort Empress' Sword
Fiery Close Escort Empress' Crown
Fiery Close Escort Empress' Lance
Fiery Close Escort Empress' Charger
Fiery Close Escort Empress' Scepter
Broadsword Mercenary Cruiser Heroes of the Empire
Persistance System Defense Boat Jewel of the Empire
Persistance System Defense Boat Imperial Destiny
Persistance System Defense Boat Royal Courage
Persistance System Defense Boat Conqueror
Persistance System Defense Boat Her Majesty's Servant

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