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Warlock-Class System Defense Boat

design by Lewis Roberts

The Warlock-Class SDB was orignally proposed as an alternative to the Leviathan-Class Assualt Ship. The orignal plan was to equip a Maggart with 3 Warlocks. The Maggart would orbit the planet providing fire support, while the 3 Warlocks would descend to the surface, land the troops, then take the air to provide fire support. This has several advantages over the Leviathan-Class. First, the Maggart is available for other missions when an assualt ship is not needed. Also the Warlocks would split the troops into three sections, during atmospheric descent, which is when the ships are at their most vulnerable position. Prejduce against low tech ships helped kill the Warlock-Class Assualt Ship design. Some Oriflammi blame the Aubaini for shooting down the proposal purely because it came for Oriflamme.

After sinking millions of credits into the design, and constructing several examples of the class, the Bourgand Technarchs were faced with a ship without a mission. They finally decided to market it as an export SDBs. It is fairly inexpensive, and provides a great deal of flexibility. It has a 100 ton pod bay. Pods can be used to carry extra space missles, planetary strike missles, extra troops, small craft such as fighters or assualt landers or extra space based weapons systems. It has 85 tons of cargo room, allowing the ship to carry supplies for a large number of troops or armored vehicles for the troops. The hold can even be turned into bunk room for extra troops. The ship also comes with missle bays for either planetary strike missles, cruise missles, or air to air missles. It also possesses a large bomb bay, allowing the ship to bomb planetary targets. The ship is very heavily armored allowing it to shrug off most lasers and PAWs. It is even sufficent to shrug off the blasts from an Intrepid-Class tank.

The Warlock-Class will never be a capable of fighting off a TL-15 warship on a one to one basis, but in groups it would be able to protect a planet from a small vampire ship. It is quite capable of serving as a customs vessel, and protecting merchants from the standard Corsair.

The Oriflamme salespeople do a wonderful job of selling the ship to Wilds clientele. They promote the versatilty of the ship, while glossing over the poor sensor suite, and limited manuverability. Most of the Wilds leaders they are selling to, have not had any formal training in modern naval warfare, and are easily dazzled with flash and gloss.

Most clients in the Wilds, do not possess starports capable of maintaining and servicing the ships, so Oriflamme is happy to sell service contracts. They will also provide crews for the ships, or train native crews for the ships. Occasionally the salespeople will cut a deal, if they are guarenteed long term contracts, or if the buyer buys in bulk.

Warlock Class System Defense Boat

General Data

Displacement: 400 tons Hull Armor: 500
Length: 22 meters Volume: 5600m3
Price: 254.23 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Sphere SL Tech Level: 9
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 14500/12300

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 100MW Fission Plant. Fusion Rockets enerate 80MW, when on. 10MW power surplus, without the Fusion Rocket power. 1 year fuel supply on board.
Jump Performance: Not Jump Capable
G-Rating: 1 w/ Fusion Rockets. 1 w/ Contra Grav
G-Turns: 100 (Fusion Rockets) 1.4m3/hour. Unlimited with Contra Grav
Fuel Tankage: 70m3
Maint: 280


Computer: 2x TL 9 FibComputers
Commo: 30,000 km Radio, 30,000 km Maser
Avionics: TL-9 Avionics
Sensors: 30,000 km Radar, 60,000 km HRT
Controls: Bridge with 8 workstations, and 6 other workstations. Low Automation controls


Master Fire Directors


Life Support: Extended.
Grav Compensation: None
Crew: 19: 6 Engineers, 1 Maintenance, 2 Electronics, 1 Manuever, 6 Gunners, 2 Command Crew, and 1 Doctor
Crew Accommodations: Captain has a small stateroom, the rest of the crew hot bunks in 6 bunks. Crew Quarters and 265m3 of the cargo bay are located in two Hamster Wheels located on either side of the hull.
Passenger Accommodations: None
Cargo: 600 m3
Small Craft and Launch Facilities:


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