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Ilium Gig

design by Unknown

The Ilium-Class Solomani Gig was designed for use wih the Marathon-Class Fleet Courier, but is often seen attached to other small warships, including Solomani close escort and patrol cruiser variants.

The Ilium is designed for maximum speed and comfort. It is used to transfer flag-rank naval officers between starships and as an emergency vehicle for its parent-ship crew.

Ilium Class Gig

General Data

Displacement: 20 tons Hull Armor: 28
Length: 24 meters Volume: 280 m3
Price:24.624 MCr Target Size: VS
Configuration: Needle AF Tech Level: 12
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 330.353/310.967

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 73 MW Fusion Power Plant (73 MW/hit), 1 year duration
Jump Performance: 0
Jump Fuel: 0 m3
G-Rating: 5G (1 MW/G) Contra-Grav LIfters (2 MW)
G-Turns: 90 1.25m3 each.
Maint: Maintence points are part of the carrying starship.


Computer: 2 x TL-12 Mod Std Computers (0.4 MW each)
Commo: 30,000km radio (1 hexes; 1 MW)
1000AU maser (infinite; 0.6 MW)
Avionics: TL-10+ Flight Avionics, TL-12 Terrain-Following Avionics
Sensors: Passive EMS Fixed Array 60,000km (2 hexes; 0.06 MW)
Active EMS 120,000km (4 hexes; 16.5 MW)
Controls: 3 Workstations


Offensive None
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: None


Life Support: Extended (0.084 MW)
Grav Compensation: 4G (1.4 MW)
Crew: 3: 2 Electronics, 1 Maneuver
Crew Accommodations: 3 Adequate seats
Passenger Accomadation: 7 Adequate Seats
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 11 m3 1 small cargo hatch
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 1

Damage Tables

      Area (1D20)   Surface Hits                                      
     Internal Explosion                    Systems
     1                     1-10:  Ant                                       
       1-10:  Elec, 11-20:  Quarters     CG-(1h)
     2-3                  1-2:  Ant                                         
       1-2:  Elec, 3--20:  Quarters        ELS-1H
             1-2:  Quarters, 3-20: Hold         MD-(1h)
     7-9                  1-15:  CH                                         
      Hold                                           PP-1H 
     10-13               1-2:  AL                                           
       Hold                                         AG-(1h)
             1-5:  Eng, 6-20:  Hold             LS-1H
             1-15:  Eng, 16-20:  Eng           All others-(1h) 

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