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Gremlin Cutter

design by Matti Laakso

Produced by the independent company Westland-Grimm, the A-5 Gremlin is a commonly encountered vessel. It is based on the classic Rule of Man -era A-1 Tigram patrol boat (still produced by Odyssey, Inc., LIC in large numbers); similar boats are a common sight in all of Terran space.

The A-5 is designed specifically for the needs of Federated Suns Coast Guard and the Federal Customs Agency. It is used for orbital security, customs inspections, as well as short-range patrolling.

However, the A-5 does not have wilderness refueling capabilities - it is capable of emergency re-entry only. All A-5s are serviced and refueled on orbit (nearly all starports have some orbital components). Another interesting feature is that while the ship is capable of accelerating at 4G for over 10 hours, prolonged high-G maneuvers are not recommended: the TL 11 grav plates can only compensate up to 2G. Because of this, the A-5 shares many features with its pre-gravitic counterparts, including swiveling bunks with G-webbing, a pair of powered towing rails running from engineering compartment to the bridge, and a general feel of ruggedness rarely felt aboard gravitic vessels.

Gremlin Class Cutter

General Data

Displacement: 80 tons Hull Armor: 62
Length: 26.4 meters Volume: 1120 m3
Price: 48.58 MCr Target Size: VS
Configuration:SL Cylinder Tech Level: 11
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded):2170.5/1942.9

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 240 MW Tokamak Fusion Reactor (48 MW/hit), 1 year duration (36.0 m3)
Jump Performance: O
Jump Fuel: m3
G-Rating: 1x HEPlaR / Fusion drive, 3200 tons of thrust (4G)
G-Turns: (1: HEPlaR): 80, 5 m3 fuel each G-turn. (2: Fusion): 240, 1.67 m3 fuel each G-turn.
Maint: ??


Computer: 1x Mod St-11 computers (0.35 MW), 1x Mod Fib-11 computer (0.35 MW)
Commo: 30Kkm radio (1 hex, 1 MW) 1000AU laser (unlimited; 0.3 MW) 1000AU maser (unlimited; 0.6 MW)
Avionics: Flight avionics-10+
Sensors: Passive EMS 120Kkm fld array (4 hex; 0.2 MW) Active EMS 90Kkm array (3 hex; 30.0 MW)
Controls: 3x Workstation (standard) on flight deck 1x other workstation.


Offensive 1x TL-11 150Mj Free-Electron Laser barbette (Loc: 10 - Arcs:2-4; Powered to -2 Diff Mod; 42.0 MW; 1 Crew)

Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: None


Life Support: Extended (.224 MW)
Grav Compensation: 2G (5.6 MW)
Crew: 11: 1x Engineering, 1x Electronics, 1x Maneuvering, 1x Gunnery, 6x Troops, 1x Command
Crew Accommodations: 3x small stateroom, 6x bunk
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 159.2 m3 1 Small Cargo Hatch
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: NOne
Air Locks: 2


No fuel purification machinery or fuel scoops. Improvised accommodations (bunks) may be set up in cargo space (maximum of 4).

Damage Tables

Area (1D20)     Surface Hits    Int. Exp.       Systems 
1               Ant             Elec            PP-5H   AEMS-(2h)
2,3                             Qtrs            MD-(3h) PEMS Ant-(2h)
4,5             1-2: Ant                1-3: Qrts 4-20: Hold LS-3H      SSR-(2h)
6,7                             Qrts            ELS-2H  LB-1H
8,14,15,18,19                   Hold            AG-1H   
9               1-6: CH 7: AL   Hold            
10                              LB              
11              1: Ant          1-9: Eng 10-12: Elec, 13-20: Hold               
12, 13                          1-5: LB, 6-20: Hold             
16, 17                          1-10: Eng, 1-20: Hold           
20                              Eng             

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Weapon ShortMediumLong Ext
150Mj Laser Barbette4:1/9-27 8:1/9-2716:1/6-20 32:1/3-10