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Jackal Class System Defense Boat

design by Dave Nelson

First built by Reamy-Warren Aero-space industries, the Jackal class SDB was designed to attack enemy ships entering a friend system. To fufill this mission the Jackal was given an impressive bite. The Jackal's 1600mw NPAW can inflict substantial damage on ships as large as destroyers. Backing up this formiable bite are four rapid fire 120mj laser turrets. Overall the Jackal has an impress amount of fire power for a ship of its size.

To improve the Jackal survivablity in a prolonged battle situation two features where added. First, the Jackal has a large fuel purificaiton plant and fuel scoops. This allow the Jackal to refuel quickly, there by limiting the ships vulnerability during refueling. This refueling/refining capability allows the Jackal to engage in the classic hit and run tactic of defending SDBs. Secondly the Jackal is equipped with TL-12 ground avoidance equipment using this equipment the Jackal can operate from surface baces while avoiding enemy ground defenses.

Two common variants of the Jackal are the H-R variant and the L-S variant. The H-R variant has an over powerd NPAW. To accomadate the large power plant needed for the PAW the large fuel purification plnat was replace with a smaller fuel purification plant. Th L-S variant, commonly call The Last Stand varaint, removes the fuel purification plant completly and cuts the fuel load in half. This extra volume is given over to a missle bay and a larger Paw and power plant.

The Jackal class SDB has sold well over the years and is a farily common sight in the Solomani rim area and along the vargr states.

Jackal System Defense Boat

General Data

Displacement: 400 tons Hull Armor: 140
Length: 66 meters Volume: 5600 m3
Price: 318.1 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Needle AF Tech Level: 12
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 8821.7/ 8609.1 tons (Note the ship does not follow the 15 tons/dt rule)

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL-12 904mw fusion PowerPlant, (23.1mw/hit) 1 mounth duration
Jump Performance: None
Jump Fuel: 0 m3
G-Rating: 3G (200mw per G), Contra-Grav lifters (40mw)
G-Turns: 80G turn (25m of fuel each
Maint: 241


Computer: 2x TL-12 Md FB computers (.8mw each)
Commo: 2x masers (unlimted .6mw each) 1x laser comm (10hex, .15mw) 1x radio (10hex, 10mw)
Avionics: Tl-10+ acionics, TL-12 ground avoidance equipment
Sensors: 1x 180000km folding EMS array (6hex, .25mw) 1x 120000km fix EMS array (4hex, .15mw)
1x 300000km Active Ems (10hex, 27.5mw)
ECM/ECCM: EMM package(5.6mw); 1 TL-12 decoy dispenser with 100 decoys (1mw)
Controls: Bridge with 10 bridge workstations, 10 other workstations.


Offensive 1x TL-12 1600mw PAW (loc: spine arcs:1 crew:1 mw:44.45) 4x TL-12 120mj Laser Turrets locs:7,8,9,10, arcs: all, crew: 1 ROF=100 each, mw33 each {-2 diff mods}
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: 1x TL-12 beam MFD (4 diff mods, 10 hex 3.1mw 1 crew each) 2x TL-12 beam MFD (4 diff mods, 4 hex 2.24mw 1 crew each)

120 Mj Laser Turret4:1/19-27 8:1/9-27 16:1/6-19 32:1/3-9
1600 MW PAW10:20020:10040:5080:24


Life Support: Extended (.72mw) (Note :no lifesupport for fuel tanks)
Grav Compensation: 3G (18.72 MW)
Crew: 27: (10xeng, 2xelec, 1xman, 2xmaint, 8x gunnery, 4x command
Crew Accommodations: 2x smallstaterooms single occupancy, .0005mw 1x smallstaterooms double occupancy, .0005mw 7x smallstaterooms mult-occupancy, .0005mw
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 35 m3 1 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 4


TL-12 fuel purification plant which can purfiy 2000m3 of fule every 6hours, a full load of fuel in 6, Fuel scoops can scoop 142.8tons of fuel in 1 hour.

Damage Tables

                                Damage Tables
area            surface                 Internal explosion
1                 ant                   elect     
2                 ant                  (1-13) elect (14-20) hold
3              1-6 ant 7 decoy          1 PAW   (2-20) hold
4-6             ant                     (1-2)paw  (3-20) hold
7-10            (1-7) ant               (1-3) LT (4-6) PAW (7-20) hold
11-13                                   (1-2) Paw (3-20) hold
14-17           1-14 EMMR               (1-2) pAW  (1-7) ENG (8-20) HOLD
18-20           1 CH                     ENG

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