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Gepard Fast System Defense Boat

design by Oliver Albrecht

This vessel was constructed in the early 970's as part of a Imperial Navy contest for a fast and very offensive little rider on TL-14 basis. Delta Rhombus Yards' contribution was the Gephard-Class rider. In the final jury decision it made the 8th place in the ranking and Delta Rhombus settled into a financial crisis. Years later however many smaller systems showed interest in the ship and in the following years the Gephard found its way into many system defense squadrons. Around 1000ti over 300 were (mostly under license) constructed throughout the imperium. Since then it has gained a reputation as a formidable craft against more lightly armed opponents, such as pirate vesseles typically are.

The IMPERIAL SPACETECHNOLOGY OBSERVER has written the following about the Gephard: "...a surprisingly agile craft. And once the engineer kicks the throttle open, few things are more impressive than the 8 Geeeees that really hurt with only 5 of them compensated... Usual tactics is the ship lies silent in the void, waiting for its prey. Once its formidable passive sensor array has detected the foe, just a little burn, and the Gephard closes in with tremendous speed... The particle accelerator is a smashing hazard to all enemies within 2.3 light seconds. It maintains its punch up to 4 lsecs and does enough damage to render small targets completely inoperable with 2 or 3 hits... All in all nothing you would like to be against!"

Gepard Fast SDB

General Data

Displacement: 1000 tons Hull Armor: 112
Length: 83 meters Volume: 14,000 m3
Price: 683.106 MCr Target Size:M
Configuration: Slab AF Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded):13,391/12,731

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 4,500 MW Fusion Power Plant (150 MW/hit), 1 year duration
Jump Performance: 0
Jump Fuel: 0 m3
G-Rating: 8 Gs (500 MW/G), Contra-Grav (100 MW)
G-Turns: 50, 125 kl fuel each
Maint: 558


Computer: 3xTL14 Mod Std Computers (0.5 MW ea.)
Commo: 3x1000 AU Maser (*; 0.6 MW ea.), 3x1000 AU Laser (*; 0.3 MW ea.)
Avionics: TL 10+ Avionics
Sensors: Passive EMS 210,000km folding array (7 hexes; 0.25 MW)
Passive EMS 120,000km fixed array ( 4 hexes; 0.1 MW)
Active EMS 480,000km (16 hexes; 25 MW)
ECM/ECCM: EMM Package (14 MW)
Controls: Bridge with 17 Bridge Workstations plus 40 Normal Workstations


Offensive 2x300Mj Laser Barbette (Loc: 10,11; Arcs: All; 41.5 MW ea.; -1 DiffMod; 1 Crew ea.)
2xMissle Barbette (Loc: 8,9; 5 Rdy Msl ea.; 0.15 MW ea.; 1 Crew ea.)
1280 Mj Spinal PAW (Loc: All; Arcs: 1; 177.778 MW; -1 DiffMod; 2 Crew)
Defensive: 2xSandcaster Turret (Loc:10,11; Arcs: All; 50 Cann ea.; 1MW ea.; 1 Crew ea.)
Master Fire Directors: 2xTL14 MFD 300,000km (5 DiffMods; Beam/Msl 10 hexes; 0.12 MW ea.; 1 Crew ea.)
300 Mj Laser Barbette10:1/14-4320:1/14-43 40:1/8-26 80:1/4-13
1280 Mj PAW10:179 20:179 40:179 80:179


Life Support: Extended (2.8 MW)
Grav Compensation: 5 G (70 MW)
Crew: 80 (38xEngineering, 3xElectronics, 1xManeuver, 10xGunnery, 6xMaintenance, 10xTroops, 11xCommand, 1xSteward)
Crew Accommodations: 23xBunk (Crew; 3 in 24 hours), 5xSmallStateroom (Command, double-occupancy, 0.0005 MW ea.), 1xSmallStateroom (Captain, single-occupancy, 0.0005 MW)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 240 m3 1 Large Cargo Hatch
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 10


6,000 m3 of LHYD fuel. Fuel Scoops need 30 min to refuel. No fuel purification machinery.

Damage Tables

D20	Surface Hits		Internal Explosions			Systems
1	Ant			1-3:PA, 4-20:Elec			PP-30H	SandT-1H
2,3	Ant			1-3:PA, 4-7:Elec, 8-20:Qtrs		MD-4H	SSR-(2h)
4,5	1-8:Ant,9:AL,10:CH	1-3:PA, 4-20:Hold			CG-2H	PA-45H
6,7				1-3:PA, 4-20:Hold			AG-3H	AEMS-(2h)
8,9	0-5:EMMRad		1-3:PA,	4-5:MB, 6-20:Hold		LS-23H	FoldPEMSAnt-1H
10,11				1-3:PA, 4-5:LB, 6:SandT, 7-20:Hold	ELS-11	EMMRad-(14h)
12-16				1-3:PA, 4-20:Hold			LB-1H
17,18				1-3:PA, 4-16:Hold, 17-20:Eng		MB-1H
18-20				1-3:PA, 4-20:Eng 			All others - (1h)

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