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Regulator-Class System Defense Boat

design by Chris Cox

Picture of Regulator

The Regulator Class System Defense Boats were built and first put into service at Gresham ( 3138 Diaspora Sector) in 1098. Since then Regulators have been stationed on numerous worlds throughout the Diaspora, Daibei, Solomani Rim, Old Expanses and Delphi Sectors. The Regulator is a balanced combination of offensive punch and defensive toughness. Their offensive punch come from a combination of its 2,500MJ Particle weapon, its 12 375MJ lasers and its missile bay with 40 ready missiles. Balancing out its Punch is its defensive toughness with from 6.4cm of bonded superdense armor, 12 sandcaster turrets, nuclear damper, meson screen and 750 sensor decoys. There are two less common variants of the Regulator. One replaces the particle weapon with a 1,000MJ meson gun, while the other does away with the main weapon altogether making room for additional fuel. In general practice Regulator squadrons are made up of 4 to 8 boats with no more than 1 boat having a meson gun for it main weapon and the rest having particle weapons. In areas more distant from the Imperial boarders it not uncommon to find the additional fuel Regulators where their longer endurance is more important than having a main weapon. The 3481st Defense Squadron station at Scaramouche ( 2509 Solomani Rim Sector) is unusual because all 4 of the Regulators in the squadron have meson guns. The planet of Neefi ( 2210 Diaspora) received a squadron of additional fuel Regulators shortly after completing its new class C starport. Unfortunately the First Neefi Defense Squadron has become know throughout the sector as the Party Squadron. This is due in some part because of the squadron commander's relaxed leadership style and the boats being crewed mostly with locals. However, the primary reason the First Neefi Defense Squadron is know as the Party Squadron is probably the names of the squadrons 5 boats: the Adams, Foster, Weinhard, Labatt, and Guinness.

Deckplans are available.

Regulator-Class System Defense Boat

General Data

Displacement: 990 tons Hull Armor: 180
Length:89.5 meters Volume: 13,860 m3
Price: 649.3 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: AF Needle Tech Level: 15
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 11,703 / 11,298

Engineering Data

Power Plant:4,250 MW Fusion Power Plant (303.6 MW per hit) 36 days duration
Jump Performance: None
G-Rating: 6.0G HEPlaR (582.1 MW/G), Auxiliary 1G High Efficiency AG (83.16 MW/G)
G-Turns:72 (6 hours at full thrust)
Maint: 337


Computer: 3xTL-15 Mod fb (1.1 MW) computers
Commo: 2x1000AU radio (20 MW ea.), 2x1000AU maser (0.6 MW ea.), 2x1000AU laser (0.3MW ea.)
Avionics: TL-10+ avionics
Sensors: 1x Passive EMS 240,000km folding array (8 hexes, 0.3 MW)
1x Passive EMS 240,000km fixed arrays (4 hexes, 0.1 MW),
2x Active EMS 480,000km (16 hexes, 25MW ea.)
1x Active EMS 240,000km (8 hexes, 13MW)
1xLadar 300,000 (10 hex, 0.6MW)
ECM/ECCM: 1x EMS Jammer 240,000km (8 hexes, 26MW), 1x Radio Jammer 1000AU (40MW) EM masking (13.9 MW)
Controls: Holographic Linked, 29x Bridge Workstations; 31x Normal Workstaions


Offensive: 1xTL-15 2,500MJ N-PAW (Loc: 1, Arcs: 1,2,3; 69.4MW)
12xTL-15 375MJ Laser barbettes (Loc: 10,11; Arcs: All; 10.4MW ea.)
Missile Bay with 2x launchers (Loc: 2,3; 40 Ready Missiles)

The N-PAW may be overpowerd:

The Laser Barbettes may be overpowered:
Defensive:12xSand caster turrets(Loc: 1, Arcs:1,2,3; Loc: 8,9,14,15, Arcs: All; Loc: 16,17,18,19, Arcs: 2,3,4,5; 1MW)
1xMeson screen (225PV, 7.9MW)
Nuclear Damper Screen (3 hex, 9MW)
2,700xDecoy Dispensers (due to cost constraints only 750 Decoys are loaded, 250 Anti-AEMS, 250 Anti-PEMS, 250 Anti-Ladar; Decoys cost 25,000Cr ea.)
Master Fire Directors: 15xTL-15 (6 Dif Mod; 10 hexes; .06 MW; 15 gunners)
2,500MJ N-PAW10:250 20:250 40:250 80:147
375Mj Laser10:1/15-48 20:1/15-48 40:1/15-48 80:1/15-48


Life Support: Extended (1.6 MW)
Grav Compensation: 6G (39.3MW)
Crew: 86 Command: 11 (1x Captain, 1x Executive Officer, 1x Engineering Chief, 1x Master-of-Arms, 7 other Section Commanders)
Maneuvering: 2 (1x Senior Pilot, 1x Pilots)
Electronics: 2 (1x Sensors Operator, 1x Communications Operator)
Engineering: 28 (20x Power Technicians, 5x Engineers, 3x Utility Workers)
Maintenance: 3 (1x Mechanic, 1x LAN Administrator, 1x Janitor)
Weapons: 30 (12x Laser Gunners, 1x PAW Gunner, 2x Missile Operators, 12x Sancaster Gunners, 1x Nuclear Damper Operator, 2xMeson Screen Operators)
Troops: 8 (1x Leader, 1xSub Leader, 6x Troopers)
Medical: 2 (1x Doctor, 1x Really Large Lab Rat Who Helps Out Around the Sickbay)
Crew Accommodations: 22x Large Stateroom (Quadruple to double occupancy)
8x Large Staterooms (Officer quarters, 6x single, 2x double Occupancy)
1x Bunkroom (12xBunks), 10x Low Berths
An additional 80m3 for various crew facilities
Other Facilities: Sick Bay, Machine Shop, Electronics Shop
Cargo: 181 m3 1 Large cargo hatches; 20m3 ship's locker
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 5


Fuel Systems: Fuel scoops (5% of ship surface fills tanks in 1.91 hours)
Fuel Purifiers (850kl/hour; 37.3 hours for 5,281.6kl; 4.25MW)

Damage Tables

Area   Surface Hits        Internal Damage                    Systems
1      1, AL: 2-11, Ant     1-12, Wpn: 13-20, Fuel            PP-14H
2-3    1-10, Ant            Fuel                              FPP-4H
4-5    1-9, Ant             1-10, Wpn: 11-20, Fuel            FT-53H
6-7    1-5 Scr              1-10, Elec: 11-20, Qrts           LS-25H
8-9                         1-4, Wpn: 5-19, Qrts: 20, Fuel    AEMS-2x2h
10-11                       Wpn                               PEMS-1h
12-13                       1-10, Elec: 11-20, Qrts           EMM-1H    PEMS
14-15                       1-4, Wpn: 5-20, Fuel              MS-1H     EMM
16-17  1-4, EMM Rad         1-4, Eng: 5-20, Fuel              LSR-30x1H
18-19  1-4, EMM Rad: 5, CH  1-5, Hold: 6-9, Eng: 10-20, Fuel  LT-12x1H
20     1: AL                Eng                               ST-12x1H  All

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