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Ahven Class System Defense Boat

design by Juha Kyllonen

Originally design office Aurora Borealis (Vyborg/Solomani Rim) was doing a research project about extreme long-range lasers. The project result was a x-ray laser, which was capable of 870 000km range. It was also decided, that these lasers are mounted on small bay, five lasers in one bay, thus forming a battery. Time went on ,and other things happened. Then one of office's design engineers noticed a Imperial Navy call (232-1080) for SDB design. After quickly arranged meetings, it was decided to participate the contest, and the engineer who had found the call in first place, got the honours to lead the project. The main goals was set as: economical, small, long-range weapons. A search thorugh office's files was fruitful: x-ray laser battery was found from gathering the dust. The price limit was set to 650MCr, but the ultimate goal of project "Ahven" was to be able to build 3 ships at that cost. But, after few weeks of hectic working it was clear that target can't be met: those ships would be quite inefficient. Still pushing the economical matter, the price was kept down during the design process. Finally plans were ready to be introduced to the board of office.

Main weapon is the laser battery, mounted on a small bay. Secondary weapons are two missile barbettes. On defensive side, two Sand turrets, EM masking, a small nuclear screen and small (200 PV) meson screen and 105 Gturns. While meson based weapons are devastating at short range, they aren't that formitable at longer ranges. With ship's 7G acceleration its standard operation prosedure to keep distance from enemy ships. Given meson gun's short range, a small screen should be enough to protect the ship. The battery can be overpowered to 400 shots/turn (-4 diff.) and when used with ships excelent communications, they can be remotely operated or given target hand-off's from other bases, drones or ships. Missile barbettes are offered, but no special missile were developed for the ship, because of lack of resources. A subcontractor was considered, but idea was rejected. SS-N-31 Sparte missiles are recommended, but standard Imperial missiles will fit also (200 m^3 missile storage room). Most of ship's important systems have a backup: AEMS, PEMS, PEMS antenna, etc. It was clear that the best possible sensors would be used in this ship on the active side. The crew's comfort was thought also: a sickbay was added and one large stateroom for traditional recreational use: Sauna.

Overall expression of the ship is: economical enough to be produced in large quantities, doesn't rely on expensive missiles for firepower and have good active sensors. Fast enough to be able to quickly intercept approaching enemy vessels, and fuel to burn.


General Data

Displacement: 635 tons Hull Armor: 200
Length: 32.11meters Volume: 8890 m3
Price:265.9 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: SL Box Tech Level: 15
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded):7026.8 / 6651.9

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 700 MW Fusion Power Plant, 0.9 year duration (243 m3 fuel)
Jump Performance: None
Jump Fuel: 0 m3
G-Rating: 7G HEPlaR (351.47 MW/G), Auxiliary Improved CG (127 MW)
G-Turns: 105, 43.9 m3 fuel each
Maint: 178


Computer: TL-15 Fibre-optic computer (1.1 MW), 2xTL-15 Flight computer (0.055 MW)
Commo: 2xMaser (Unlimited; 0.6 MW), Radio (10 hex; 10 MW)
Avionics: maging EMS, IGS positioning, 190 km/h NOE
Sensors: xAEMS (16 hex; 25 MW), PEMS Folding array (6 hex; 0.2 MW),Backup PEMS; Range 4 HexBackup PEMS Antenna, 20m Fixed
ECM/ECCM:EMS Jammer (6 hex;22 MW), EM Masking (8.89 MW)
Controls: Bridge with 9 bridge workstations, 19 normal workstations


Offensive50 ton Laser bay with 5 750 Mj lasers. ROF= (-4 DMs)
2xMissile Barbette (0.15 MW; 1 crew)
Defensive:Meson Screen Generator (PV=200; 6.3 MW; 1 Crew)
2xSand Turret (1 MW; 1 crew)
1xNuclear Damper (2 hex; 6 MW; 1 Crew)
Master Fire Directors: 2xTL-15 (6 Diff Mods; 10 hex; Msl 10 hex; 1.86 MW; 1 crew)
750 Mj Laser 10:1/22-68 20:1/22-68 40:1/22-68 80:1/22-68


Life Support: Extended (0.77 MW)
Gravitic Compensation: 6Gs (19.25 MW)
Crew:35 (1xManeuver, 1xElectronics, 18xEngineer, 6xGunnery, 1xMaintenance, 3xFlight, 5xCommand)
Crew Accommodations: 20xSmall Stateroom (0.5 kW), Large Stateroom (1 kW)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: Sick Bay (0.8 MW)Emergancy Low Berth (2 kW)
Cargo: 140 m3 1 Large Cargo Hatch, 28 missiles in magazine
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 6


m3 One large stateroom is provided for crew's recreational use (sauna). Total Fuel Tankage: 4855.99321875 m3 (346.9 tons) Fuel scoops (30% of ship surface), fills tanks in 0.46 hours
Fuel purification machinery (3MW), 48.56 hours to refine 4855.99321875 m3.
127.9 MW power shortfall.
Designed with Antti Lahtinen's spreadsheets.

Damage Tables

Surface Hits             Internal 
Explosion           Systems        Systems        Systems   
Air Locks 0.1       Elec 1.6       AEMS-2x2h      LS-19H         LB   
Antenna   1.5       Hold 0.3       AG-1H          LSR-1x1H       LT   
Cargo hatch    0.2       Fuel 10.9      AL-6x1h        MD-3H          MB   
EMM Rad   0.7       Qtrs 2.3       ELS-10H        MFD-2x2h       MG   
Launch ports   0         Eng  1.8       EMM-1H         MS-1H          MT   
Screens   0.6       Weap 2.6       EMM Rad-8h          ND-1H          NDB  
Total     3.1       Total     19.5      FPP-3H         PEMS-1h        NDT  
                              FT-49H         PEMS Ant-1h         PA   
Other Surface 
Locations                          HULL-8H        PP-9H          TS   
Man drive 3.4                      JD-1h          SSR-20x2h           
Jump drive     0                        LBth-None                     
Weapons   0.4                                               
Total     3.8                                               

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