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ATEF System Defense Boat

design by Eamon Watters

This is the final design iteration of the Aurora-Trybec-Eos-Fija Common System Defence Boat (ATEF-SDB). This design study was started on 11/III/1201, in response to the greater threat from the wilds perceived upon the loss of the 12 Traders. Whilst information received on the follow-up missions downgraded the threat, it was decided to press ahead with the program, in order to free up Jump-capable warships from the systems planetary navies for recovery missions. With these missions being supported by freelance and RC help, more manpower could be freed up to man the ATEFs. In addition, as the vessels are largely TL-10 and 11, with a large TL-9 Fusion Plant, in-system support is more economical, and thus more ships can be put in service than would otherwise be the case.

The go-ahead to manufacture the first two vessels in the series was given on 01/IX/1201, though it seemed that they would be the only vessels in the series to be manufactured, as political opinion on the member worlds of the ATEF-SDB consortium saw the external threat to their worlds as minimal. The Vampire attack on Nike Nimbus on 18/IV/1202 changed that opinion. The order for a complete production run was signed on 10/V/1202. The order is broken down for the individual worlds as follows :