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Paarma Fighter

design by Antti Lahtinen

A while ago Peter Gray presented the Hawker patrol frigate and Peregrine fighter. When I compared the Peregrinewith my own designs it was interesting to see how different design principles affected the final results. IMHO the main points in Peregrine was the portability with Hawker and long endurance (good fuel-endurance and a stateroom for crew).

I have made one fighter design at same size class. The Paarma fighter is concentrated on long-range attack ability. Paarma is a pre-collapse design which was manufactured by Aurora Boriolis in Vyborg/Capella/Solomani Rim and Rheinmetall in Saxe/Capella/Solomani Rim. Some advanced versions used Aquitane- build 150 MW TL-15 power plants, which took only half the volume and were 80 tons lighter than the standard TL-14 power plants.

Paarma Fighter

General Data

Displacement: 20 tons Hull Armor: 60
Length: 35.52 meters Volume: 280 m3
Price: 33.477 MCr (+16 MCr A-pod) Target Size: VS
Configuration: SL Wedge Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 374.9 / 367.9

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 148.1 MW fusion, 2 month duration (2 m3 fuel)
Jump Performance: 0
Jump Fuel: 0 m3
G-Rating: 6 G HEPlaR (18.75 MW/G), high-efficiency CG Lifter (2 MW)
G-Turns: 42, 2.344 m3 fuel each
Maint: 11


Computer: 2xTL-14 standard computer (0.5 MW)
Commo: Maser (1000 AU; 0.6 MW), Radio (10 hex; 10 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, inertial/gravitational positioning, 180 km/h NOE
Sensors: AEMS (10 hex; 15 MW), PEMS Folding array (5 hex; 0.15 MW)
ECM/ECCM: 180 sensor decoys (60 Laser, 60 AEMS, 60 PEMS), EM Masking (0.28 MW)
Controls: No bridge, 2 normal workstations, Standard Automation


Offensive TL-14 144-MJ small laser turret (Loc:10-Arcs:All;144 MW;No crew), TL-14 small missile turret (Loc:12-Arcs:All;No crew)
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: 1xTL-14 beam/missile MFD (Lasers: 5 Diff Mod, 10 hex range, Missiles: 10 hex range, 1.92 MW; crew on cockpit)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
144 MJ Laser 10:1/10-30 20:1/10-30 40:1/10-30 80:1/5-15


Life Support: Extended (14 m3 supported volume; 3 kW)
Grav Compensation: 5Gs (70 kW)
Crew: 3 (1xManeuver, 1xElectronics, 1xGunnery)
Crew Accommodations: Cockpit
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: 70 m3 reserved for a 5-ton pod
Cargo: 0 m3
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 1


Performance values :(1 G, standard atmosphere), Acceleration: 6 G, Maximum airspeed: 7026 km/h (1951.7 m/s), Endurance: 3.5 hours at full thrust, 2 months at full power.

Total Fuel Tankage: 100.4 m3 (7.2 tons)
2.7 MW power shortfall.
The 5-ton pod is a the center of gravity, just behind the cockpit, and has opening at both top and bottom of the hull.
The above values are for the fighter with an assault pod. The performance may vary when other pods are installed.
If the pod is ejected or the vehicle has empty cargo pod, the acceleration and fuel endurance values are 8.39 G, 58.7 G-turns

Damage Tables

Area    Surface Hits    Internal Explosion      Systems
1-4                     Fuel                    AEMS-2h
5-7     Ant             Elec                    ELS-1H
8       1-2 AL,3-12 Ant 1-10 Elec, 11-20 Qtrs   FT-1H
9-13                    Pod                     HULL-1H
14-16   Ant             Fuel                    LS-1H
17      1-4 EMM         1-6 Fuel, 7-20 Eng      MD-3h
18-20   Ant             Eng                     All others-(1h)

Assualt Pod

Description: 144 MJ remote laser turret (hull top), 20-tube canister launcher (hull bottom), 3-tube decoy dispenser (hull bottom), beam/missile master fire director
Mass: 105.9 ton (fully loaded with 20 missiles and 180 sensor decoys)
Power: varies
Price: 16 MCr (does not include missiles or decoys
Vehicle performance: 6 G, 41.2 G-turn

The laser fire rate can be powered up to -4 diff mods.When powered to this level, a Gigantic-sized target can be hit at 41 hex range (Very Small target at 29 hex).

Damage Tables

  Area  Internal                Systems
  9     MFD                     Decoy-1h
  10-11 LT                      LT-1H
  12    1-10 LT, 11-20 MT       MFD-3h
  13    1-17 MT, 17-20 Decoy    MT-1h
Laser power consumption depends on rate of fire: 4/20/40/80 MW. Paarma can power the laser with 80 MW (-3 DM) and still use sensors and maneuver with 3 G thrust. The laser can be used to fire low-energy (121 MJ) shots at high rate of fire. At this level, the -4 DM rate can be achieved with 134.4 MW input The laser is fully stabilized. This has no effect on space, but it allows the laser to be used while fighting in atmosphere.

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
144 MJ Laser 10:1/10-30 20:1/10-30 40:1/10-30 80:1/5-15
121 MJ Laser 10:1/9-28 20:1/9-28 40:1/9-28 80:1/4-14

The missile launcher can be loaded with Solomani 30-series missiles. The most commonly used missiles are M-31 and M-32.

SS-I-31 Sparte 500 kt det-nuke, guided, 20 G thrust, 20 G-turns
SS-I-32 Sneaker 500 kt det-nuke, guided, EMM, 19 G thrust, 19 G-turns

Cargo Pod

Description: 70 m3 cargo hold, small cargo hatch (at bottom of hull)
Mass: 140 ton fully loaded
Price: 12 kCr
Vehicle performance: 5.49 G, 38.4 G-turn

Ferry Tank Pod

Description: 70 m3 dismountable fuel tank
Mass: 5 tons
Power: None
Price: 14 kCr
Vehicle performance: 8.24 G, 98.7 G-turn

Troop Pod

Description: 20 cramped seats, 2 air locks (at top and bottom of hull) 12 m3 cargo space, small cargo hatch (at bottom of hull), extended life support, artificial gravity.
Mass: 3.927 ton empty, 30.6 ton fully loaded (including 24 tons of cargo and 20 jaegers with hand weapons and combat armor)
Power: 0.343 MW
Price: 147.3 kCr
Vehicle performance: 7.45 G, 52.2 G-turns

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