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Ndubehlzih Class System Defense Boat

design by Yves Simon

Nyolenambih Inc. is proud to present you it's most recent SDB design, the Ndubehlzih. Built in our shipyards on Darrian (0627 Spinward Marches) to profit from TL:G technology, this ship is among the most powerfull of it's generation. We also expect to provide a prototype fitted TL:H Matter-Antimatter powerplant withing the next decades. A downgraded TL:F version is also available to be built in other shipyards in the regency.

Main weapon is the 2 Gj laser battery, mounted dorsally on a small bay. Secondary weapons are two 240 Mj Laser barbettes and a Missile Barbette. On defensive side, a good sized Meson screen (630 PV), EM masking, more than one thousand sensor Decoys and 81 Gturns.

As most destroyers within 10,000 dTons are equiped with meson based weapons rated over 5 Gj, this meson screen offers a protection against meson up to 11 Gj allowing the ship to survive most direct impacts with low or no damages. Also while meson based weapons are devastation a short range, they suffer a lethality degradation as range increase. The laser battery can be overpowered to 200 shots per turn (-3 diff) and the laser barbettes up to 400 shots per turn (-4 diff) if other systems are shut down.

Both laser barbettes are fitted with their own powerplant, which makes them independant from the central powerplant, and thus capable of returning fire even if the ship lose part of it's power. The missile barbette can hold any standard 7kl missiles, and several HEPlaR kinetic energy or close proximity nuclear missiles were developed (35 m3 missile storage room).

Most of ship's important systems have a backup: AEMS, PEMS, PEMS antenna, etc. It was clear that the best possible sensors would be used in this ship on the active side. The crew's comfort was thought also:one small stateroom for recreational use fitted with video equipment.

Ndubehlzih System Defense Boat

General Data

Displacement: 300 tons Hull Armor: 280
Length: 30 meters Volume: 4200 m3
Price:270.9 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: SL Disc Tech Level: 16
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded):4211.2 / 3991.0

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1949 MW Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (194.9 m3 fuel)
+ 2x 69 MW Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (6.9 m3 fuel) located in Laser Turrets
Jump Performance: None
Jump Fuel: 0 m3
G-Rating: 6G HEPlaR (210.6 MW/G), Auxiliary Improved CG (30 MW)
G-Turns: 66, 26.3 m3 fuel each
Maint: 63


Computer: 2xTL-16 Fibre-optic computer (1.2 MW),
Commo: 2xLaser (10 hex; 0.6 MW), 4xMaser (1000AU; 0.6 MW), 2xRadio (1000AU; 20 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, IGS positioning, 200 km/h NOE
Sensors: 2xAEMS (16 hex; 19.5 MW), PEMS Fixed array (4 hex; 0.08 MW), PEMS Antenna, 120m2 Fixed,
PEMS Folding Array (6 hex;.15 MW), PEMS Antenna, 120m2 Folding, 2xLadar (10 hex; 0.4MW)
ECM/ECCM:EMS Jammer (16 hex;26 MW), EM Masking (4.2 MW)
1200 Sensor Decoys (400 Laser, 400 AEMS, 400 PEMS)
Controls: Bridge with 9 bridge workstations, 9 normal workstations


Offensive:30 ton Laser bay with 2000 Mj lasers. ROF=100 (-2 DMs) (555.56MW; 1 Crew; Arcs 1,2 & 3)
1xMissile Barbette (0.15 MW; 0 crew; Arcs 1,2 & 3)
2x TL-15 240 Mj Laser Barbettes (0 MW; 0 crew; Arcs 1,2,3 & 4)
Defensive:Meson Screen Generator (PV=630; 7 MW; 1 Crew)
Master Fire Directors: 2xTL-16 (6 Diff Mods; 10 hex; Msl 10 hex; 1.11 MW; 1 crew)
2000 Mj Laser 10:1/36-112 20:1/36-112 40:1/36-112 80:1/36-112
240-Mj Laser Barbette 10:1/12-39 20:1/12-3940:1/12-39 80:1/12-39

TL16 HEPlaR KE (HE) Independant 3.5813 0.0776 1 Depend on Speed Contact (+4 Diff) 1P +4/+3/+4/+3/+1 12/105
TL16 HEPlaR Proximity Nuclear Independant 2.6481 1.0522 1 Depend on SizeClose (+3 Diff) 1P +4/+3/+4/+3/+1 12/365
TL16 HEPlaR 500kt DetLaser Independant 2.848 1.2549 1d6 1/25-79 0 1P +4/+3/+4/+3/+1 12/330
TL16 HEPlaR 500kt DetLaser Independant 3.1431 12.0593 1d6 1/25-79 1 1P +4/+3/+4/+3/+1 25/285


Life Support: Extended (0.84 MW)
Gravitic Compensation: 7Gs (21 MW)
Crew:18 (1xManeuver, 2xElectronics, 9xEngineer, 4xGunnery, 2xCommand)
Crew Accommodations: 11xSmall Stateroom (0.5 kW)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Cargo: 50 m3 1 Small Cargo Hatch, 5 missiles in magazine
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 3


One small stateroom is provided for crew's recreational use.Total Fuel Tankage: 1932.4 m3 (135.3 tons)
Fuel scoops (10% of ship surface), fills tanks in 1.15 hours
Fuel purification machinery (0.85MW), 11.4 hours to refine 1932.4 m3.
Only 1 Radio, 1 AEMS & 1 Ladar are powered during combat,
All 4 Maser & 2 Laser Comm are powered during combat.
Navigation Aid, NOE Avionics, Flight Avionics & Fuel Purification Plant cannot be powered during combat.
Both Laser Barbettes are equiped with a small fusion powerplant and thus are not dependant on the central powerplant.
Both PEMS can be use at the same time, but usually the folding array is folded during combat.

Damage Tables

AreaSurface HitInternal Explosion
1 Ant 1-10 Elect 1-2/ Bridge 3-20
2-3 Ant 1-14 LBay 1-17/ Elec 18-20
4-5 Ant 1-14 MB 1-4/ Elec 5-14/ Hold 15-20
6-7 - LB 1-8/ Quarters 9-20
8-9 EMMR 1-6 Hold
10 AL 1 Quarters
11 - Hold
12-13 - Quarters 1-4/ Hold 5-20
14-15 - Hold
16-17 - Hold
18-19 AL 1/ Decoy Dispenser 2 Eng 1-15/ Hold 6-20
20 - Eng

Elec			Quarters		Engineering		Surface
AEMS-2x2h		AG-1H			CG-1H			AEMS Ant-2x1h
Decoys-1h		LS-22H			FPP-1H			AL-3x1h
EMM-1H			SSR-11x2h		MD-2H			Decoys Disp-3h
EMS Jammer-2h					PP-3H			EMM Rad-4h
Ladar-2x1h		Hold                 	                        PEMS Ant-1h, 2h
Laser-2x1h		Cargo-1H					Radio Ant-2x1h
Maser-4x1h		Fuel-2H

Weapon Mounts
LB-2x1H			MB-1H			Screen-1H		LBay-7H

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