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Nggemehndelayrih Class Heavy Fighter

design by Yves Simon

Built by Nyolenambih Inc. in it's shipyards on Darrian (0627 Spinward Marches), the Nggemehndelayrih is one of the most recent heavy fighter type produced in the Confederation.

This ship is named after a social flying insect similar to Terran Hornets.

The main weapon of this fighter is a 800 Mj laser lance capable of penetrating over 50 centimeters of Bonded Super Dense plating. The secondary weapons are six HEPlaR 0.5dT detonation laser missiles designed for long distance attacks and two 23mm Gauss autocannons for atmospheric combat.

The fighter is well protected under 4 cm of BSD armor and is equiped of both an EMM and a decoy dispenser. It is also fast (6 G) and has a good autonomy (110 G-Turns)

The fighter is crewed by three persons, a pilot, a gunner and a engineer/ EW specialist. The fighter can operate on long patrol, the crew resting in a small stateroom.

A downgraded TL:F version will also be available soon to be built in other shipyards in the regency.

Nggemehndelayrih Class Heavy Fighter

General Data

Displacement: 70 tons Hull Armor: 112
Length: 37.5 meters Volume: 980 m3
Price:100.38 MCr Target Size: VS
Configuration: AF Needle Tech Level: 16
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded):813.3 / 764.8

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 332 MW Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (33.2 m3 fuel)
Jump Performance: None
Jump Fuel: 0 m3
G-Rating: 6G HEPlaR (40.7 MW/G); Contra-Grav Lifters (7 MW)
G-Turns: 110, 5.1 m3 fuel each
Maint: 10


Computer: 2xTL-16 Fibre-optic computer (1.2 MW),
Commo: 2xLaser (10 hex; 0.6 MW), Maser (10 hex; 0.3 MW), Radio (10 hex; 10 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, IGS positioning, 200 km/h NOE
Sensors: AEMS (16 hex; 13 MW), PEMS Fixed array (3 hex; 0.04 MW), PEMS Antenna, 32m2 Fixed, Ladar (10 hex; 0.4MW)
ECM/ECCM:Decoy Dispenser (200 Laser, 200 Radar, 200IR), EM Masking (0.98 MW)
Controls: Cockpit


Offensive:800 Mj Laser Turret (46.8 MW; 0 crew; Arc 1)
6x Missiles Launchers (0 MW; 0 crew; Arcs All)
2x 23mm Gauss Autocannon (26.7 MW; 0 crew; Arc 1)
Master Fire Directors: 1xTL-16 (6 Diff Mods; 10 hex; Msl 10 hex; 1.11 MW; 1 crew)
800Mj Laser Turret 10:1/23-71 20:1/23-7140:1/19-59 80:1/9-29
23mm Gauss Autocannon 600m:C5 B20 Pen225 1.2km:C5 B20 Pen2252.4km:C5 B20 Pen225 4.8km:C5 B20 Pen225
TL16 HEPlaR 500kt DetLaser Independant 3.0559 1.3181 1d6 1/25-79 1 1P +4/+3/+4/+3/+1 12/300


Life Support: Extended (0.196 MW)
Gravitic Compensation: 7Gs (1.9 MW)
Crew:3 (1xManeuver, 1xElectronics/Engineer, 1xGunnery)
Crew Accommodations: 1xSmall Stateroom (0.5 kW)
Passenger Accommodation: None
Cargo: 7 m3
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 1


Total Fuel Tankage: 592.3 m3 (41.5 tons)

Damage Tables

AreaSurface HitInternal Explosion
1 - Elec 1-20
2-3 Ant 1-9 Elec 1-7/ Hold 8-20
4-5 Laser 1-7/ Gauss AC 8/ Hold 9-20
6-7 Ant 1-10 Hold
8-9 Missiles 1-17/ Hold 18-20
10 Ant 1-15 Hold
11 - Hold
12-13 AL 1 Quarters 1-17/ Hold 18/20
14-15 Decoy Disp 1 Hold
16-17 - Hold
18-19 - Eng 1-9/ Hold 10-20
20 EMM 1-4 Eng

Elec			Quarters		Engineering		Surface
AEMS-2h			AG-4h			MD-1H			AEMS Ant-1h
EMM-1H  		LS-5H			PP-1H			AL-1h
Ladar-1h		SSR-2h						EMM Rad-1h
Laser-2x1h								PEMS Ant-1h
Maser-1h			      		                        Radio Ant-1h
MFD-1H			Hold     				Decoy Disp-1h
PEMS-1h			Cargo-1h
Radio-1h		Fuel-1H

Weapon Mounts
Laser-1H		Gauss-1H		Missiles-3x3h

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