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Voroshilef-Class Battleship

design by Antti Lahtinen

In order to adequately reinforce the defenses of the Domain, every possible starship is benign impressed to service. Squadron after squadron of mothballed battleships is benign reactivated, refurbished, and pressed into the line to hold back the raiding Vargr.
Long ago, a squadron of Voroshilef-class battleships was retired from active service, transferred to reserve fleet, and ultimately parted in orbit around Mora/Spinward Marches (2924 C367300-8) until they could be scrapped. These ships were always second-class battleship, never intended for use on the main battlefronts, but in the Marches, when used against the Vargr, they promised to be reasonably efficient.
MegaTraveller: Rebellion Sourcebook
Nail Mission, Project 12

The Voroshilef is an old Imperial design, removed from active service long before Rebellion and Virus Wars. However a number of mothballed Voroshilefs were re-activated during the rebellion, and some of them may still be operating within Regency, Vilds and Vampire Fleets.

Though the Voroshilef-class is outdated, they are still considerable opponents for just about any target. Voroshilefs massive armor can withstand hits from 500 MJ/cm2 lasers, 40 GJ/cm2 particle beams, and its meson screen is designed to repel 22.5 GJ meson gun hits.

Voroshilef has quite large fuel tanks, allowing it to make 2 separate 3-parsec jumps and still have enough fuel for 29 G-hours thrust, or maximum of 3 separate 3-parsec jumps with 10 G-hours thrust.

The ship is approximately as large as a city block[1], higher than 17-story building[2], and its fuel tanks contain enough liquid to fill over 400 olympic-sized swimming pools[3].

The ship does not have Grav drives (not a slightest change, for they would take too much surface area). However, assuming that HEPlaR drives have thrust vectoring, this ship can take off and land on planets where local gravity is less than 2G.

Voroshilef-Class Battleship

General Data

Displacement: 200,000 tons Hull Armor: 1,000
Length: 262.31 meters Volume: 2,800,000 m3
Price: 84.26 GCr Target Size: VL
Configuration:Streamlined Dome/Disc Tech Level: 13
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 2,413,546.7 / 2,268,590.3

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 276.46 GW Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (27,646.3 m3 fuel)
Jump Performance: 3 (560,000 m3 fuel)
G-Rating: 2G HEPlaR (120.68 GW/G)
G-Turns: 96 (J2: 108.4; J1: 120.7; 133.1 using all jump fuel), 15,085.0 m3 fuel each
Maint: 48801


Computer: 3xTL-13 Fibre-optic computer (0.9 MW)
Commo: 4xMaser (Unlimited; 0.6 MW), 4xRadio (10 hex; 10 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, IGS positioning, 170 km/h NOE
Sensors: 2xAEMS (16 hex; 50 MW), PEMS (6 hex; 0.25 MW),
ECM/ECCM: EMS Jammer (16 hex;100 MW), EM Masking (2.8 GW)
Controls: Bridge with 515 bridge workstations, Fire Control Bridge with 50 workstations, 2302 normal workstations


Offensive: 40-GJ Meson Gun (Loc:Spinal; Arcs:1; 11111.1 MW (-2 Diff Mods); 216 crew)
2x10-GJ Meson Gun (Loc:Parallel; Arcs:1; 2777.78 MW (-2 Diff Mods); 36 crew)
2x10-GJ Particle Accelerator (Loc:Parallel; Arcs:1;2777.78 MW (-2 Diff Mods); 5 crew)
80x135-MJ Laser Turret (Loc:2-3;Arcs 1-3; Loc:10-11;Arcs;All; Loc:20;Arcs 4-5; 37.5 MW (-2 Diff Mods); No crew)
40xMissile Barbette (Loc:1,2,3,10,11,20;5 ready missiles each; 0.15 MW; 1 crew)
Total 200 ready missiles plus 400 in cargo.
Defensive: 120xSand Turret (Loc:10-11; Arcs:All; 2d6x5 Reduc/Hit; 35 Cann; 1 MW; 1 crew)
20xNuclear Damper (Loc:10-11; Arcs:All; 1 hex; 180 MW; 1 Crew)
TL-13 Meson Screen Generator (PV=750; 1250 MW; 1 Crew)
Master Fire Directors: 50xTL-13 (4 Diff Mods; 10 hex; Msl 10 hex; 3.25 MW; 1 crew)
40-GJ Spinal Meson Gun6:100012:50024:25048:125
10-GJ Parallel Meson Gun4:5008:25016:12532:63
10-GJ Parallel PAWS10:50020:50040:50080:287
135-MJ Remote Laser Turret10:1/9-2920:1/7-2340:1/4-1180:1/2-6


Life Support: Extended (136.34 MW), Gravitic Compensators (3.41 GW)
Grav Compensation: 4 G.
Crew: 4083 (2xManeuver, 9xElectronics, 2282xEngineer, 508xGunnery, 491xMaintenance, 100xShip's Troops, 15xFlight, 89xSteward, 33xMedic, 554xCommand)
Crew Accommodations: 554xSmall Stateroom (command crew; 0.5 kW), 1715xSmall Stateroom (double occupancy 0.5 kW), 25xLarge Stateroom (ships troops in quadruple occupancy 1 kW)
Passenger Accommodations: 10xSmall Stateroom (0.5 kW)
Other Facilities: 114xElectronics Shop (0.6 MW), 34xSick Bay (0.8 MW)
Cargo: 9800 m3 (700 tons), 28 Large Hatches, 400 missiles in magazine
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 5x95-ton minimal hangar
Air Locks: 2000


Total Fuel Tankage: 2,035,806.3 m3 (145,414.7 tons).
Fuel scoops (3% of ship surface), fills tanks in 6.06 hours.
Fuel purification machinery (1.27GW), 48 hours to refine 2,035,806.3 m3.
Mass and price includes five 95-ton Shuttles.
Crew requirements are calculated by using "Modified FFS" crew model.

This design is based on the data found in Battle Raider and Rebellion Sourcebook. However the ship has now only a fixed 6-hex PEMS sensor instead of the fixed 8-hex sensor shown in BR datasheet. The BR value is obviously an error, since a 200.000-ton hull can have up to 170 m diameter fixed antenna, and the diameter of a 8-hex antenna is 400 m.

[1] Average city block is 200 x 200 m square.
[2] Assuming that each story is 3 meters high.
[3] 25 x 50 meters, 4 meters deep.

Damage Tables

Area	Surface Hits            Internal Explosion
1       1-6: Screens            1-5: Weap, 6-20: Fuel
2-3     1: Ant, 1-6: Screen     1-3: Weap, 4-11: Elec, 12-20: Fuel
4-9     1-5: EMM RAD            Fuel
10-11   1-7: AL                 1-12: Qtrs, 13-17 Fuel, 18-20; Weap
12-15   1-5: EMM RAD            Fuel
16-17   1: LP, 2-3: CH          1-2: Hold, 3-20: Eng
18-19   1-10: Screens           Fuel
20      1-6: Screens            1-3: Weap, 4-13: Eng, 14-20 Fuel

AEMS-2x4h       LS-8287H        MG-721H
AG-137H         LSR-25x1H       MG-2x135H
AL-2000x1h      MD-242H         PA-2x57H
ELS-4144H       MFD-50x1H       LT-80x1H
EMM-280H        MS-188H         MT-40x1H
EMM Rad-2800h   ND-20x1H	ST-120x1H
FPP-1782H       PEMS-1h
FT-20358H       PEMS Ant-3h
HULL-3113H      PP-2765H
JD-3360H        SSR-2279x2h

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