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Phantom Decoy Ship

design by Franklin Cain

Way, way, w-a-y back in the days of CT, Marc Miller & co. postulated the existence of decoy ships (q-ships) in an article they did in JTAS or _Challenge_. These are ships that resemble normal merchant ships, until they meet with pirates. Then -- *surprise!!!* -- they open up with all guns and blow Mr. Pirate away.

In TNE, the Warship column of the Ship Table can result in a character receiving a "modified" free/far/fat trader/liner (more guns). Wouldn't it be more appropriate to let the characters get a q-ship, one that's *designed* with better maneuver drives, instead of a trader with just some extra weapons? I know *I'd* prefer for my character to receive such a ship.

I designed one that looks like the typical far trader. It has jump-2, so it can keep up with a merchant convoy, a sheepdog in sheep's clothing, waiting for some poor, unsuspecting pirate to wander into its gunsights.

Phantom Decoy Ship

General Data

Displacement: 200 tons Hull Armor: 56
Length: 42.5 meters Volume: 2800 m3
Price: 173.376 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration:SL Wedge Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 1,533.753/1,371.353

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 450 MW TL-14 Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (33.069 MW shortfall; see below)
Jump Performance: 2
Jump Fuel: 1420 m3 plus 45 m3 reserved for power plant.
G-Rating: 3G HEPlaR (100 MW/G). Contra Grav Lifters (20MW)
G-Turns: 80 (113.6 with jump fuel), 12.5m3 each
Maint: 57


Computer: 3x TL 14 Fib Computers (1.0MW each)
Commo: 1x TL-14 Radio, 300,000 km (10 hx; 10 MW)
1x TL-14 Laser-Commo, 1,000 AU (inf.; 0.3 MW)
1x TL-14 Maser-Commo, 1,000 AU (inf.; 0.6 MW)
Sensors: 1x TL-14 Active EMS array, DF capable, 300,000 km (10 hx; 15 MW)
1x TL-14 Passive EMS array, fixed array, 90,000 km (3 hx; 0.06 MW)
1x TL-14 Passive EMS array, folding array, 180,000 km (6 hx; 0.2 MW)
ECM/ECCM: 1x TL-14 EMS Jammer, 300,000 km (10 hx; 30 MW)
Controls: Bridge with 8 workstations, plus 3 other workstations


2x Missile Turret (2 missiles each; 0.15 MW each; Loc: 8, 9; Arcs: 1, 2, 3) 9 spare missles in storage.
2x TL-15 150 Mj Laser Turret (42 MW each for -2 Diff Mods; 4.2 MW each base; Loc: 16/17, 18/19; Arcs: All)
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: 2x TL-14 beam/missile (laser-commo) MFD, 300,000 km (10 hx; ignore 5 Diff Mods; 1.77 MW each)


Life Support: Extended (0.56 MW); Grav Compensators (5 Gs; 14 MW)
Grav Compensation: 5 G
Crew: 25 (2x Maneuver, 1x Electronics, 3x Engineering, 6x Gunnery, 10x Ship's Troops/Marines, 3x Command)
Crew Accommodations: 14x Small Stateroom (0.0005 MW each)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 0 m3, 1 small cargo hatch.
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None.
Air Locks: 2


This ship is externally identical to the classic (type-A2) far trader.

Fuel scoops capable of ingesting 1,120 kiloliters (80 tons) per hour.

FPP (1.2 MW) capable of refining 240 kiloliters every 6 hours. (40 kl/hr; 10.5 hours for 420 kiloliters; another 25 hours for 1,000 kiloliters)

Power plant has a shortfall of 33.069 MW when the laser turrets are powered to the x10 level. This shortfall can be made up by powering down the CG lifters and the EMS jammer, or by powering the laser turrets only to the x5 level (for -1 Diff Mod).

Notice that this ship has two PEMS arrays: one fixed, one folding. This improves the tactical options for the ship commander. (The practice of installing two PEMS arrays, one being the largest fixed array available, the other being a folding array with a longer detection range, is standard for ships designed by O'Neill Shipwrights.)

Standard ship names include Phantom, Spectre, Ghost, Shade, Haunt, Spook, and Caspar.

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