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Sydney class Heavy Cruiser

design by Dave Nelson

The Sydney class heavy cruiser is a modificaiton of the Scharhorst heavy Cruiser design. The Sydney replaces the Scharorst massive PAW with a meson gun, and improves the ships Meson screens. The Sydney class does not have the fuel shuttle or the fuel purificaiton plant that the Scharhorst has. This was done in order to improve the Sydney's meson gun and Meson screen. Although dependent on tankers, and with it limited jump capability, the Sydeny class cruiser can make its presents felt in any fleet action.

The first of the Sydeny class cruiser was seen in a small boarder clash between the Solomani and an Aslan Fleet. Since that time Sydney class cruiser have begun to appear in small numbers throughtout solomani space. There have unconfirmed report that one of the ship yards producting the Sydeny has retooled. Intelligence sources have speculated that this may mean the Sydney class main gun may be soon upgraded to TL-15 standards.

Sydney Class Heavy Cruiser

General Data

Displacement: 50,000 tons Hull Armor: 280
Length: 448 meters Volume: 700,000 m3
Price: 11,401.38MCr Target Size: M
Configuration: USL Open Frame Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 834870/800101

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL-14 132285mw fusion Powerplnat (100.06mw/ per hit), 1 mouth duration
Jump Performance: 3
Jump Fuel: 140,000m3
G-Rating: 5g (25000mw per G)
G-Turns: 50G-turns (100g-turns using jump fuel, 3125m each)
Maint: 30067


Computer: 6xTL-14 Mob Fb Computer (1mw each)
Commo: 6x maser (**, .6mw each), 2x radio (10hex, 10mw each).
Avionics: Tl-10+
Sensors: 2x 240000km folding EMS array (8hex, .3mw each)
2x 180000km fixed EMS array (6hex, .2mw each)
4x 480000km Active EMS array (16hex, 25mw each)
4x 300000km ladar (10hex, 2.5mw each)
ECM/ECCM: 10hex EMS area Jammer, (10hex, 108mw) emm package (700mw).
Controls: Bridge with 325 work stations, auxiliary bridgew with 325 work stations, flag bridge with 9 workstations, fire control with 20 workstations, 1102 other workstations.


Offensive 1x TL-14 81320 Mj Meson Gun (loc: spine arc:1 mw: crew: 508)
4x 10 ton missles bays ( loc:13,13,14,14, 1mw each)
20x TL-14 150mj Laser turrets (locs: 10 at 13, 10 at 14, arcs: all 42mw each {-2 diff mods} crew none, fired from MFD)
81320mj Meson Gun 10: 1424 20:712 40: 356 80:178
150mj laser 2: (1/10)314:(1/10)31 8:(1/10)31 10:(1/10)31

Defensive: 50x TL-14 sandcaset turrets (locs: 25 at loc 13, 25 at loc 14; crew: 1 each; MW:1 each 2d6x6 per hit 40 cans each arcs: all) TL-14 810mw meson screen (pv=996); crew 30
Master Fire Directors: 3.25 MW; 1 crew each.


Life Support: Extended (87.75mw); No life support for fuel tanks
Grav Compensation: Gravitic compensator (5g, 2183.75)
Crew: 2720 (1102x eng, 8x electronics, 4x maneuver, 608x gunnery, 220x maintenance 651x command, 91x stewards, 27x medical, 9x fleet command)
Crew Accommodations: 5x large staterooms (single occupnacy, .001mw each,)
5x large staterooms (double occupancy, .001mw each)
308 small staterooms (double occupancy, .0005wm each)
300 small staterooms (multiple ocupancy, .0005wm each)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: 5x sickbay (.8mw each); 2x machine shops (1mw each) 2x electronics shops (.6mw each)
Cargo: 104 m3 5 Large Hatches. In addition 50 Missiles in storage.
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 4x 50 ton launchers, 4x 10 ton launches
Air Locks: 500


There is no life support for any of the fuel tanks. The flight crew of the auxiliary ship was done away with by making the stewards fly the support ships. All of the laser turrets can be fired locally but are general only fired from the MFDS.

Damage Tables

Mesongun: 2231H; Misslebay: 1H;l LT: 1h; MS: 1200H; MD: 124
H; JD: 700H; pp 13222H; pems: 1H; Pemsa: 1H; emm: 70H; emmr: 700h; EMSjammer: 1
H; electronics shop: 1H; AG: 87H; SSr 2h; LLR: 1H; Ls 774H; all other system 1h

Area   surface hit      internal explosion
1-2    ant             1-9 MG, 10-17 electroncs, 18-20 quters
3-4    1-14 ant        1-9mg. 10-13 electrons, 14-20 quters-
5-8    ANT             1-10 MG, 11 QUATERS, 12-20 HOLD
9-10                   1-11mg, 12-20 HOLD
11-12                  1-8mg, 9-20 HOLD
13-14                  1-8mg, 9 WEAPONS, 10-13 ENG, 14-20 HOLD
15                     1-10MG, 11-15 ENG, 16-20 HOld
16-20  1-19 emmr       1-13MG, 14-20 ENG

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