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Scharnhorst Class Heavy Cruiser

design by Dave Nelson

The "Big Gun" doctrine of captial ship design has Influenced a number of ships design, The Scharhorst is one of those ships. The Scharhorst class was designed around her 1,000,000mj PAW spinal mount. Ever other feature in the ship was given secondary Importantance. Sensors, Fuel, Secondary armament, were all squeezed around the main gun.

The Scharhorst has a light secondary armament of 20 laser turrets and 4 10ton missle bays. The Scharhorst has a fair defensive armament of a heavy meson screen, and 50 sandcaser turrets. A flag bridge serves as a command center for 8 other war ships.

Critics of the Scharhorst design have pointed out a number of weaknesses. first the Scharhorsts low Jump capacity, (j-3). Furthermore the Scharhost is practically dependent out outside fuel sources. The Fuel Purificaiton Plant can not refine fuel fast enought for the Scharhorst to keep up with an advancing fleet. Lastly, the Scharhorst must depend upon close escorts to screen out enemy fighters and missiles, do to the Scharhorst light secondary armament. Many navy officer respence the Scharhorst for it combat abilities. As one officer put it, "Sure it's slow but that monstrous Paw will gut you from Stem to stern."

Scharnhorst Class Heavy Cruiser

General Data

Displacement: 50,000 tons Hull Armor: 280
Length: 448 meters Volume: 700,000 m3
Price: 102,999.9MCr Target Size: L
Configuration: USL Open Frame Tech Level:14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 834598/804970

Engineering Data

Power Plant: TL-14 156450mw Fusion PowerPlant (125.3mw/hit), 1 mounth duration
Jump Performance: 3 (140000m3 for maxium jump)
Jump Fuel: 297554m3 total fuel. 140000 m3 jump fuel.
G-Rating: 5 G Heplar, 3125 mSUP>3 (25000mw per G-turn)
G-Turns: 50G-turns, 100g-turns using jump fuel
Maint: 30067


Computer: 6x mod FB computers (1mw each)
Commo: 6x masers, (**,.6mw each)
2x Radio (10hex, 10mw each)
Sensors: 2x 240000km folding EMS array (8hex, .3mw each)
2x 180000km fixed Ems array (6hex, .2mw each)
4x Active EMS array (16hex, 25mw each)
4x 3000000km ladar (10hex, 10mw each)
ECM/ECCM: 10hex EMS area Jammer, (10hex, 108mw), EMM package (700mw)
Controls: Bridge with 300 bridge workstations, Axuiliary bridge with 300 normal workstations, Flag bridge with 9 bridge workstaions, 1303 other workstations.


Offensive 1 TL-14 1,000,000mj PAW (loc: spine, arcs:1 mw:27777.78mw crew:3)
4x 10ton missile bays (locs: 13,13,14,14,; 1mw each)
20x TL-14 150mj laser turrets (locs: 10 at 13, 10 at 14; arcs: all;
42mw each {-2diff mods} crew:none* fired from MFD
1,000,000mw PAW 10: 5000 20: 5000 40: 5000 80: 2500
150mj laser: 2: (1/10)31 4: (1/10)31 8:(1/10)31 16:(1/10)31

Defensive: 50x TL-14 sandcaster turrets (25 at loc:13, 25 at loc:14,1 crew each
1mw each, 2d6x6 per hit 40 cans each; archs: all)
400mw Mason screen (PV=350) crew: 15
Master Fire Directors: 20x TL-14 beam-missile MFD ( 5 diff mods, mls, 10 hex; 1.77mw each, 1 crew each)


Life Support: Extended (87.75mw), No life support for fuel tanks
Grav Compensation: 5g, (2183.75mw)
Crew: 2465 (4x maneuvering, 8x electronics, 350x maintenance, 14x flight crew, 588x command, 83x stewards, 16x medical, 9x fleet command, 1303 engineering)
Crew Accommodations: 5x Large staterooms, (single occupancy, .001mw each)
5x large staterooms, (double occupancy, .001mw each)
290 small staterooms (double occupnacy, .0005mw each)
300 small staterooms (double occupancy), .0005mw each)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: 5x sickbays (.8mw each), 2x machine ship (1mw) 2x electronics shops (.6mw each)
Cargo: 74 m3 5 Large Hatches. 50 Missiles in storage.
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 1x 1000ton fuel shuttle in docking tube, 4x 10ton launches, 4x 50ton launches
Air Locks: 500

Damage Tables

System hit capcity:  PAW: 404H; MISSILEBAY: 1H; LT: 1H; MS: 60H; MD: 124H;
JD: 700H; PP: 168H; FFP: 168H; PEMS: 1H; PEMSA: 1H; EEM: 70H; EMMR: 700h; EMSJA
MMER: 1H; MFD 1H; SICKBAY: 1H; AG: 87H; SSR: 2h; LSR: 1H; LS: 774H; ELS: 387H;

Area       Surface hits            Internal explosion
1-2         ant                  1-9 Paw, 10-17 electrons, 18-20 quater
3-4         1-14 ant             1-9 paw, 10-13 electons, 14-20 quater
5-8         ant                  1-10 paw, 11 quater, 12-20 hold
9-10                             1-10 Paw  11-20 hold
11-12                             1-8 Paw, 9-20 hold
13-14                            1-8 Paw, 9-20 hold
15                              1-10 Paw, 11-15 Eng, 16-20 hold
16-20    1-19 EMMR              1-10 paw, 11-20 eng

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