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Ronin Class Scout/Escort

design by Franklin W. Cain

In the Reformation Coalition, relic TL-15 Scout/Couriers are relatively plentiful (compared to other starships). As such, the RC came up with the Multi-Mission Scout (a modified Scout with a 20-ton module in its belly). However, the RC started phasing these out in favor of the Victrix-class Multi-Mission Sloops. One might wonder what is to be done with these surplus Scouts. One use is to modify them for other uses.

All of these Scouts have a Tech Level of "12/15." This is because the TL-15 (bonded superdense) hull was emptied of its TL-15 components, and refilled with TL-12 components. The salvagable TL-15 components were then used in more important RC Navy vessels.

It is intended that these ships can be used in the character generation procedure, where a modified scout ship is called for in the warship column.

Ronin Class Scout/Escort

General Data

Displacement: 100 tons Hull Armor: 28
Length: 35 meters Volume: 1400 m3
Price: 58.634 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Wedge SL Tech Level: 12/15
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 1,024.077/934.681

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 150 MW TL-12 Fusion Power Plant, one year duration (4.934 MW shortfall)
Jump Performance: 2
Jump Fuel: 210 m3
G-Rating: 2 Gs/HEPlaR (50 MW per G), Contra-Grav Lifters (10 MW)
G-Turns: 72 (6.25 kiloliters each, enough for 18 hrs. at max. Gs)
Maint: 44


Computer: 3x TL-12 Mod Std Computers (0.4 MW each)
Commo: 1x TL-12 30,000 km Radio (1 hx, 1 MW)
1x TL-12 1,000 AU Laser-Comm (inf., 0.3 MW)
1x TL-12 1,000 AU Maser-Comm (inf., 0.6 MW)
Avionics: TL-10+
Sensors: 1x TL-12 300,000 km Active EMS (10 hx, 27.5 MW)
1x TL-12 90,000 km Passive EMS, fixed array (3 hx, 0.1 MW)
Controls: Control Deck with 4 Workstations, plus 1 additional workstation.


Offensive 1x TL-8 Missile Turret (2 missiles, 0.15 MW, Loc: 11)
1x TL-15 150 Mj Laser Turret (4.2 MW, Loc: 10)
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: None


Life Support: Extended (0.28 MW)
Grav Compensation: 3G (7 MW)
Crew: 7 : 2x Maneuver, 1x Electronics, 1x Engineering, 2x Gunners, 1x Command
Crew Accommodations: 6x Small Staterooms (0.0005 MW each)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: 2x Laboratory (0.8 MW each).
Cargo: 1.196 m3 1 small cargo hatch. 6 additional missiles are stored.
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: Internal Hangar (Minimal) for 2-ton Air/Raft, with Launch Port
Air Locks: 1


Hull shell is TL-15 bonded superdense. All other components are TL-12.

Fuel scoops capable of ingesting 280 kiloliters (20 dt) per hour.

Fuel purification machinery capable of refining 200 kiloliters every six hours (15.3 hours for 510 kiloliters, 1.2 MW).

Power shortfall is usually made up by powering down either the CG Lifters [+10 MW] or the Active EMS [+27.5 MW] or by using only 1 G of acceleration [+50 MW].

MFDs were not installed due to extreme price (MCr 20+ each for 300,000 km [10 hx] range).

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