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Malkop Class Light Frigate

design by Micheal Bailey

The Malkop Class Light Cruiser was commisioned by the Solomani Confederation Navy in 1003 to replace their ageing and obselescent Pyrrhus Class ships, which had suffered disproportionate losses against more advanced Imperial ships. The Light Cruiser is not really suited for fleet actions, but it's 2500Mj spinal Meson Gun makes this possible, if the task force commander is prepared to take losses. The Malkop proved it's worth in service against states rimward of the Confederation and in 'border incidents' with the Imperium following it's entry into service in 1013. By the outbreak of the Rebellion and the subsequent invasion of the Imperium by Solomani Confederation forces in 1117, the Malkop was approaching obselesence. A TL 15 replacement, the 12,000T Melbourne Class, entered service in 1128, but the number of Malkop's produced over the past century ensured their continued service. A number were transferred to planetary navies and the forces of Solomani client states, but the vast majority still bore the 'cross-hair' symbol of the Solomani Confederation at the Collapse. Very few examples of this vessel survived into the New Era. Two ships, the SNS Voronezh and the SNS Nowy Huta, were recovered by the Near Bootes Commonwealth. The Voronezh (now named the MN Medoc) has been refitted and now serves as the flagship of the Near Bootean naval forces. The Nowy Huta is slowly being restored to active service by the Royal Teuceri Navy, it is expected to enter service as the HMTS Prince Hamura in late 1201.

All examples of the Malkop class light cruiser were initially named for towns and cities on the Eurasian land mass of Terra. Examples: Ulan Ude, Archangelsk, Cheb, Hyderabad and Semiplatinsk.

Malkop Light Frigate

General Data

Displacement: 10000 tons Hull Armor: 1120
Length: 128 meters Volume: 140,000 m3
Price: 6007.382 MCr Target Size: L
Configuration: Cylinder SL Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 171220.9t / 164432.6t

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1 x 23000 MW Fusion Power Plant (100 MW/hit), 1 year duration (2300 m3 / yr)
Jump Performance: 4 (3500 m3
Jump Fuel: 3500 m3
G-Rating: 4G (5000 MW/G), Contra-Grav Lifters (1000 MW)
G-Turns: 80 (120 with jump fuel) 625 m3 of fuel each
Maint: 3276


Computer: 6 x TL-14 Mod Fb Computers (3.0 MW each)
Commo: 1 x 1000 AU radio (unlim. hexes, 20 MW), 1 x 1000 AU maser comms (unlim. hexes, 0.6 MW)
Avionics: TL-10+ Avionics
Sensors: Active EMS 480,000 km (16 hexes, 25.0 MW)
Passive EMS 210,000 km (7 hexes, 0.3 MW) folding array
ECM/ECCM: EMS Jammer 480,000 km (16 hexes, 50 MW), EM Masking (140 MW)
Controls: Bridge with 12 workstations. 365 other workstations


Offensive 1 x TL 14 2500 Mj Meson Gun
10 x TL 14 Missile Barbettes
10 x TL 14 150 Mj Laser Turrets
Defensive: 10 x TL 14 Sandcaster Turrets (40 cannisters each, 2D6x5 beam reduction)
Master Fire Directors: ??

150 Mj Laser Turret2:1/10-31 4:1/10-31 8:1/10-31 16:1/1-31
2500 Mj Meson Spinal Mount5:24010:11820:6040:30


Life Support: Extended (700 MW)
Grav Compensation: 5 Gs (28 MW)
Crew: 374: Engineers=192, Electronics=3, Manuever=6, Gunners=33, Maintence=25, Ships Troops=41, Flight=15, Command=50, Stewards=6, Medical=3.
Crew Accommodations: 172 x Small Staterooms (0.0005 MW each) double/triple occupancy
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 627 m3 2 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 5 x 100t capacity (minimal hangars), 2 launch ports
Air Locks: 10


Fuel Scoop, purification machinery (125 MW) 13.92 hours to refine 48000 m3

Damage Tables


1:      1-16 Elec, 17 Meson, 18 Sand, 19-20 Qtrs
2-3:    1 Meson, 2-10 Qtrs, 11-19 Hold, 20 Laser
4:      1-19 Hold, 20 Missile
5,8-11: 1-20 Hold
6-7:    1-10 Qtrs, 11-19 Hold, 20 Meson
20:     1-10 Hold, 11-19 Eng, 20 Meson
18-19:  1-10 Hold, 11-20 Eng


1:      1 AEMS, 2-9 PEMS, 10 EM Jammer
2-3:    1-8 PEMS
4-7:    1 Airlock
10:     1-6 Ant. (radio), 7 Ant. (maser)
11:     1-10 EMM, 11 Airlock
14-15:  1-20 EMM
16-17:  1 Airlock, 2-3 LCH
20:     1 Airlock


AEMS            (2h)
EM Jammers      (2h)
EMM Control     (2h)
EMM Radiators   (140h)
Computer        6 x (1h)
Hangars         5 x 10H
Staterooms      172 x (2h)
LS              19H
ELS             9H
AG              12H
Sick Bay        1H
JD              175H
PP              230H
MD              20H
CG              20H
LT              1H
MD              1H
ST              1H
MG              23H

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