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Orrimot Logistics Ship

design by Alvin Plummer

Every starfleet needs a vast number of these unglamourous ships - although you never seem to see them in "Imperial Stars", "Strike Fleet", or any of the other popular VR entertainment programs in the Imperium. Never mind that: without thousands and thousands of glorified cargo barges like these, the Imperial Navy would swiftly grind to a halt.

First built in 138, these flying bricks perfectly reflect the big, bulky and dour design philosophy of the Vilani. They also happen to be quite capable in their work: after all, 1000 years later they still serve in innumerable frontier fleets, as tankers and second-tier naval logstics vessels.

(In a pinch they can support Marine contigments, but lack the armour to serve in any more hostile environment than your typical bushfire rebellion. They also lack sufficent on-board cargo shuttles, and the Marines get to sleep in the cargo hold - hopefully modified to house them, rather than sleeping on the bare floor.

The Orrimot DOES at least have CG lifters, unlike most dedicated space tankers/freighters. So it can lift off, as well as land...)

These ships are rarely seen in civilian service: the two large hamster cages used to mimic gravity is rather unpopular among merchants, and civilian fuel stations have rendered tanker jumpships a poor economic gamble. Also, most merchants find the additional cost to maintain the inefficent dual fusion plants not worth the greater safety margin. And the 10 lifeboats are SO passe, and an unnecessary expense - although the crews doesn't seem to mind.

Well, the Orrimot is just the oldest and the most primitive of the vast (an I mean VAST) array of cargo/refuelers that has been built for the Imperial Navy over the centuries. "Ugly, stinky, and full of odd grinding noises" is the usual shorthand description. Cheap, also, for it's purpose: discounts on the price may hit 80%, since the basic model's so well known. Even it's base price is quite reasonable for a tanker of it's type, as it lacks expensive artificial gravity. For the cash-strapped colonial and planetary navies which need a handy jump-3 tanker/cargo ship, this is the way to go.

I would feel that it's unpopularity would stem from the hard-to-find part's and supplies it needs, as it was designed before most of the modern Imperial Naval Part's spec's were set. Fortunately, the Orrimot spec's are usually ancient ancestors to today's spec's, and the relationship is close enough so that, even if you can't find exactly what you're looking for, you can jury-rig something fairly easily.

Just don't expect to win any popularity contest with the Orrimot. Even the crew of Morraine free traders - who's TL A design isn't exactly cutting edge technology - enjoy sneering at the Orrimot's obvious hamster cages

However, Vilani with a sense of history and tradition (ie: all Vilani) will get a kick of crewing a Orrimot, extolling it's solid, no-nonsense stability and falling in love with it's profoundly ancient control interfaces

Actually, until Norris upgraded so many systems, there were several areas within the Spinward Marches where the Orrimot's technology and weaponry was actually superiour to anything locally produced (speaking of civilian ships, of course). Which goes to show why Marchmen were considered the poor and violent hicks of the Third Imperium - any system that can be dominated by an Orrimot is DEFINITELY out of the loop.

In the Spinward Marches (pre-Rebellion), there were far more Orrimot's being used as refuellers to support C- and D-level ports then were actually used as cargo ships. (Sometimes, the only difference between them was that if the Orrimot's fuel refining equipment still worked, the port was cassified "C": if not, then it was "D")

Orrimot Logistics Ship

General Data

Displacement: 2500 tons Hull Armor: 10
Length: 107 meters Volume: 35,000 m3
Price: 756.483 MCr Target Size: M
Configuration: Slab SL Tech Level: 12
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 26,564/15,929

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 2 * 1250 Mw fusion (89 Mw/hit), 1 yr duration (174 Mw surplus)
Jump Performance: 3
Jump Fuel: 7000 m3
G-Rating: 1 (2000 Mw/g), CG lifters
G-Turns: 30.1 (51.2 w/jfuel, 77.5 w/jfuel, cargo fuel) 332.2 kl of fuel each G-turn
Maint: 1258


Computer: 3 Standard TL-12 Computers (.4 Mw)
Commo: 1000 AU MAser (.6 Mw), 1000 AU Laser (.3 Mw), 30,000 Radio (1 Mw)
Avionics: TL 10+ Avionics
Sensors: 1000 AU MAser (.6 Mw), 1000 AU Laser (.3 Mw), 30,000 Radio (1 Mw)
Controls: Bridge w/11 wstations, Engineering * 29


Offensive 5 * 120 Mj laser turrent (4: 1/9-27, 8:1/9-27, 16:1/6-9, 32:1/3-9) (Loc: 10 Arc: all 3.3 Mw, 1 Crew ea.)
Defensive: 5 * sandcasters (Loc:11 Arc:All 1 Mw, 1 Crew ea. 30 Cann., 1D10*5)
Master Fire Directors: None


Life Support: Extended (4 MW)
Grav Compensation: 1 G in 2 hamster cages (600 kl each)
Crew: 53 (Engineer 29, Manuver 2, Electronics 2, Maintence 3, Gunnery 10, Command 7)
Crew Accommodations: 30 Small Staterooms
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 8728 m3 (Usually used for fuel). Two fuel bladders: each holds 8720 kl. Folded, each takes up 436 kl. One's backup.
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 10 docking rings, each with a 5-ton liferaft
Air Locks:


Damage Tables

Surface Area
1       1-5   Radio Ant
          6  1 Maser Ant
             2 Laser   
             3-4 A-EMS
             5   P-EMS

Damage Area

1-5 Hold (Cargo or fuel)
6-7 Hold (Fuel)
8-9  1-4  Hold (Fuel)
     5-8  Hold (Liferaft)
     9-12 Hold (Cargo/Fuel, fuel bladder 1)
    13-16 Hold (Cargo/Fuel, fuel bladder 2)
    17-20 Hold (Fuel)

10-11  1-2  Wpns (10: Laser, 11: Sandcaster)
       3-14 Eng (fuel purifier)
      15-18 Eng (CG lifter)
      19-20 Hold (Fuel)
12-15 Hold (Fuel)
16-17  1-3 Elect
       4-8 Quarters
      9-20 Hold (Fuel)
18-19  1-7 Eng (power plant #1 in 18, #2 in 19)
      8-20 Eng (jump drive)
20     1-2 Eng (HEPlaR)
      3-20 Hold (Fuel)

System Damage

  Maser, Laser, Radio, A-EMS P-EMS      (1h) ant (1h)
  Cargo 88H (if loaded with cargo, rather than fuel)
  Sm. Stateroom * 30       (2h) ea. 
  Life Support              15H
  Emergency L.S.             7H
  Jump Drive                35H ea.
  Power Plant * 2            7H
  HEPlaR                     2H
  ContraGrav                 8H
  Fuel Processing           38H
  Laser * 5                  1H ea.
  Sandcasters * 5            1H ea.

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