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Maverick-Class Destroyer

design by Lewis Roberts

The Maverick Destroyer's primary mission is to hunt down and destroy Vampires, but the designers wanted a ship that was also capable of performing a wide variety of tasks in the Wilds. The Regency Navy expect the ship to help out Regency colonies in the event of attacks by Corsairs, pirates, ripper gangs or hostile Pocket Empires. The Captains have orders to provide assitance to Regency colonies, as long as it does not detract from their primary mission of destroying any and all Virus and Vampire infestations. It is also hoped that the Virus threat will be defeated in the next few decades and that the Maverick would become take up many of the tasks of a standard destroyer.

The ship is a 5000 ton needle hull, the needle was choosen to allow the largest possible spinal mount. A Meson gun was initially looked at, but it was felt that a 131 meter meson gun was fairly useless, so a spinal paw was choosen. While missiles are an extremly useful weapon, with incrediable damage potential, they are less useful for a ship which is expected to be away from port for months at a time, with multiple engagements. Rather than running the risk of running out of missiles, lasers were choosen to be the secondary weapon of the Maverick. The ship is constructed at TL-15, with the exception of the decoys, computers and other control systems. TL-16 comptuers were choosen, both to decrease the number of crew and to provide additional protection against virus infection. While a TL-16 ship would probably be more effective, it was thought that the limited TL-16 capacity should be used to defend the main worlds of the Regency rather than sending them beyond the Regency border. It is expected that the Maverick would be built in any of the many TL-15 worlds with class A starports in Deneb or Reft sectors. This will put the newly constructed ships close to their destination, and speed up deployment.

The Maverick is expected to operate alone for much of its tour of duty, several ships will be assigned to a subsector, they will slowly work their way through a subsector, cleansing it of virus nests. The ships will rendevous every few months, to inform each other of their progress and to coordinate intelligence in case of large scale Vampire organizations. If one of the ships fails to make a rendevous, the other ships will investigate, as it is most likely that the ship came up against a a force too big to handle. If the ships encounter a enemy too powerful to destroy they will try to either head back to friendly territory for reinforcements if the enemy is jump capable, or leave it for later mop up operations by a naval taskforce.

While it is expected that the ship's main enemy will be Virus infected starships, the Maverick is also capable of destroying Virus infected targets on the ground. The Maverick's many lasers are capable of doing damage to ground based targets from orbit. The ship can also enter the atmosphere for very close in work, though this will increase the risk to the ship. Further more the ship carries a compliment of 50 marines specially trained in the destruction of virus infected systems. The Maverick carries up to 50 tons of armored vehicles for the Marines to use. The exact make up of the vehicle is left up to the indivdual marine commander, but it is expected to consist of several Norris Grav Tanks and a few Astrin grav carriers. These vehicles are all equipped with tactical nuclear weapons, and a wide variety of conventional weapons. It is expected that they can take care of isolated Virus infestations, such as a starport, automated factory, etc. If an entire planet is infested, they will need more manpower. The ship will attempt to destroy any space going capabilities and leave the rest for a latter mop up operation.

The Maverick is equiped with a 5000 MJ PAW, this will cripple most small civilian ships with a single shot. It will also do damage to many larger warships. The PAW is also backed up with 30 non-grav focused lasers, and 18 grav focused lasers. The non-grav focused lasers allow the ship to inflict horrific amounts of damage at short range, while the non grav focused lasers allow the ship to inflict damage at longer range, in case an opponent has manged to stay at long range. Each of these weapons is grouped in three bays each. The ship also carries 10 light turrets of 50 MW lasers, these are intended for point defense use against incoming missiles , but can actually score minor wounds againt small combatants such as small craft and light merchants ships. The Grav-focused lasers are installed in the standard 50 ton bay, but the non-grav lasers are in custom 34 ton bays. The nonstandard bays were used because the use of non-grav focused lasers is a fairly non standard tactic, and they don't fit very well in the standard bay. Non-grav lasers require much larger focal arrays and they tend fill up the surface area of a bay long before they fill up the volume of the bay. The point defense lasers are also installed in non-standard turrets, the standard TL-15 laser turret is 210 Mj while these could have been installed, not as many could be installed.

The ship does not ignore defense, the ship is equipped with the afore mentioned point defense lasers, and also 10 sandcasters, a moderatly thick armored hull and a large 500 point value meson screen, capable of protecting against many of the large meson guns that capital ships use. State of the art TL-16 decoys were installed, and the use of TL-16 decoys should prove most useful against many of the TL-15 ships that will be inhabitig the wilds. It also has ample acceleration to allow it to put several Gs into evasion. It also has EMM, 3 long range AEMS jammers, and a area jammer capable of jamming over a long distance. This was thought most useful if a fleet of vampire ships was engaged, this would hopefully disrupt communcations between the ship.

In addition to the standard weapons of war, the Maverick is equipped with two labortories dedicated to studying Virus in all of its forms. These labs are each equipped with a TL-16 computer. These computers are equipped with all possible knowledge of Virus. They have records of all recorded Vampire engagments, including the classified ones. The labortories are staffed by 5 virus specialists. These specialists are expected to provide useful suggestions on virus strategy and to study any virus that is encountered to better defend the Regency.

The ship has many of the normal features of a Regency destroyer, it is capable of 6 Gs of acceleration, the trade off for this is that the ship only is capable of Jump-3, it was thought that extra acceleration was more useful in a fight, that the ship will be in a great deal of action. The large size of the ship allows it to mount rendudant sensors, which should be useful in the long tours of duty the ship is expected to perform. The ship has a machine shop and a electronics shop to repair any battle damage. It has a 100 minimal hanager which is intended for a shuttle, but if warrented a scout courier could be used.

Both the ship and the weapons were designed with Antti Lahtinen's wonderful spreadsheets.

Maverick-Class Destroyer

General Data

Displacement: 5,000 tons Hull Armor: 160
Length: 153.4 meters Volume: 70,000 m3
Price: 3.12 GCr Target Size: M
Configuration:Streamlined Needle Tech Level: 15 / 16
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 45,285.5 / 42,451.2

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 20.6 GW Fusion Power Plant, 0.25 year duration (515.0 m3 fuel)
Jump Performance: 3 (14,000 m3 fuel)
G-Rating: 6G HEPlaR (2.28 GW/G), Auxiliary High Efficiency CG (500 MW)
G-Turns: 72 (J2: 88.4; J1: 104.8; 121.2 using all jump fuel), 284.4 m3 fuel each
Maint: 1,119


Computer: 6xTL-16 Fibre-optic computer (1.2 MW)
Commo: 2xLaser (Unlimited; 0.3 MW), 2xMaser (Unlimited; 0.6 MW), 2xRadio (Unlimited; 20 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, IGS positioning, 200 km/h NOE
Sensors: 2xAEMS (10 hex; 15 MW), 2xPEMS Folding array (7 hex; 0.25 MW), Densitometer (0.4 MW), Neutrino Sensor (0.01 MW),
ECM/ECCM: 3xEMS Jammer (10 hex;30 MW), Area Jammer (10 hex radius; 108 MW), EM Masking (70 MW)
Controls: Bridge with 53 bridge workstations, 103 normal workstations


Offensive:5000 MJ NPAW (1389 MW; 3 crew)
10x 50 MJ Point Defense Laser 0.8 ton turret (13.89 MW; 0 crew)
3x50 Ton Bays (1081.68 MW; 0 crew), Each bay has 6x649 MJ Grav Focused X-ray Lasers
3x34.4 ton Bays (340 MW; 1 crew), Each bay has 10x730 MJ Non-Grav X-Ray Lasers
The PAW and each turret or bay is contolled by a MFD. All weapons have a ROF=100
Defensive: 10xSand Turret (1 MW; 1 crew)
TL-15 Meson Screen Generator (PV=500; 78.1 MW; 1 Crew)
Master Fire Directors: 17xTL-15 (6 Diff Mods; 10 hex; 1.56 MW; 1 crew),
50 MJ Point Defense Laser 10:18-1/6 20:18-1/640:18-1/6 80:18-1/6
649 MJ Grav Focused X-ray Lasers 10:64-1/20 20:64-1/20 40:64-1/20 80:64-1/20
730 MJ Non-Grav X-Ray Lasers 10:68-1/2220:35-1/11 40:18-1/680:9-/3
5000 MJ NPAW10:363 20:36340:363 80:363


Life Support: Extended (6.88 MW), Gravitic Compensators (171.89 MW)
Grav Compensation: 6 G.
Crew: 243 (2xManeuver, 1xElectronics, 103xEngineer, 33xGunnery, 8xMaintenance, 50xShip's Troops, 3xFlight, 4xSteward, 1xMedic, 33xCommand)
Crew Accommodations: 170xSmall Stateroom (0.5 kW)
Other Facilities: Electronics Shop (0.6 MW), Machine Shop (1 MW), 2xLaboratory (0.8 MW), Sick Bay (0.8 MW)10xEmergancy Low Berth (2 kW)
Cargo: 1540 m3 (110 tons), 4 Large Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 1x110-ton minimal hangar, 5x10-ton minimal hangar
Air Locks: 50


Total Fuel Tankage: 34,990.0 m3 (2,499.3 tons).
Fuel scoops (20% of ship surface), fills tanks in 0.62 hours.
Fuel purification machinery (40MW), 26.24 hours to refine 34,990.0 m3.
Crew requirements are calculated by using 'Original FFS' crew model.
33.6 MW power shortfall.

Damage Tables

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