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Cross of Iron Class Vampire Hunter

design by Chris Griffen

The Cross of Iron-class Vampire Hunter was designed to respond quickly and decisively to threats to Regency colonial interests on the trailing fringe. After the Singing Sword incident at the Seplus/Corridor colony, it was determined that in order for our colonial efforts to be successful, the appearance of a reasonably safe frontier must be maintained. The Regent himself, Caranda Aledon-Alkhalikoi, signed a historic amendment to the colonial budget for the construction of 100,000 tonnes of shipping designed for the express purpose of hunting down Vampire ships on the trailing fringe.

The Regency Quarantine Service (RQS) procurement division, which is responsible for the administration of the Vampire Hunter program, determined that it would be best to have 50 relatively small strike cruisers, so that all of the colonial hubs could be protected at once. Thus, the Cross of Iron was born.

Designed by Persephone Industries of Starn/Inar (Deneb: 1417 A000996-F), the Cross of Iron is designed to handle threats large and small. Its laser turrets and barbettes are effective in the destruction of small- to medium-sized ships as well as point defense against missile fire. Though missiles are rare on Vampire ships, the Cross of Iron can also employ its nuclear damper to shut down the rare missile. Against larger ships, the Cross of Iron employs its six missile barbettes and meson gun. Though the meson gun is only effective at shorter ranges, it was deemed a necessary add-on due to its ability to quickly and decisively eliminate smaller opponents while the ship may be simultaneously engaged battling larger craft.

Ideally, three to eight Cross of Irons are deployed per colonial system with the larger population settlements receiving the larger squadrons. The ship's medium jump capability is intended to enable it to rapidly deploy to systems that require immediate security or are besieged by known Vampire threats.

Command crews for the Cross of Iron will be drawn from the RQS. The remainder of the crew will be drawn from the RQS for the skilled positions and colonial recruits for support positions. It was determined that colonial recruits, while often somewhat raw, will be highly motivated since they are defending their new homes.

Cross of Iron Vampire Hunter

General Data

Displacement: 2000 tons Hull Armor: 121
Length: 113.02 meters Volume: 28000 m3
Price: 1188.2MCr Target Size: M
Configuration:SL Needle Tech Level: 15
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 17997.2 / 16880.2

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 5638.38 MW Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (563.838 m3 fuel)
Jump Performance: 3
Jump Fuel: 5600 m3
G-Rating: 5 (1000 MW/G), Contra-Grav Lifters (200 MW)
G-Turns: 70 (J2: 84.9; J1: 99.8; 114.8 using all jump fuel), 125.1 m3 fuel each
Maint: 587


Computer: 3xTL-15 Fibre-optic computer (1.1 MW)
Commo: Maser (Unlimited; 0.6 MW), Radio (10 hex; 10 MW)
Avionics: Imaging EMS, IGS positioning, 190 km/h NOE
Sensors: AEMS (12 hex; 17 MW), PEMS Folding array (6 hex; 0.2 MW), PEMS Fixed array (4 hex; 0.1 MW)
ECM/ECCM: EMS Jammer (10 hex;30 MW), EM Masking (28 MW)
Controls: Bridge with 26 bridge workstations, 38 normal workstations


Offensive 10x175-Mj Laser Turret (4.861 MW; 1 crew)
6x400-Mj Laser Barbette (11.111 MW; 1 crew)
3200-Mj Meson Gun (88.889 MW; 5 crew)
6xMissile Barbette (0.15 MW; 1 crew)
Defensive:Meson Screen Generator (PV=125; 4.9 MW; 1 Crew)
1xNuclear Damper (10 hex; 30 MW; 1 Crew), 4xSand Turret (1 MW; 1 crew)
Master Fire Directors: 4xTL-15 (6 Diff Mods; 10 hex; 1.56 MW; 1 crew), 6xTL-15 (6 Diff Mods; 10 hex; Msl 10 hex; 1.86 MW; 1 crew)

175-Mj Laser Turret10:1/11-33 20:1/11-33 40:1/11-3380:1/11-33
400-Mj Laser Barbette 10:1/16-50 20:1/16-5040:1/16-50 80:1/16-50
3200-Mj Meson Gun 5:163 10:82 20:41 n/a


Life Support: Extended (2.552 MW)
Grav Compensation: 6Gs (63.8 MW)
Crew: 100 (2xManeuver, 0xElectronics, 37xEngineer, 41xGunnery, 4xMaintenance, 2xSteward, 14xCommand)
Crew Accommodations: 57xSmall Stateroom (0.5 kW)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 211.4 m3 1 Large Cargo Hatches, 90 Missiles in magainze
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 20


Total Fuel Tankage: 14922.588 m3 (1065.9 tons) Fuel scoops (30% of ship surface), fills tanks in 0.44 hours Fuel purification machinery (14.14MW), 12 hours to refine 5,600 m3 (enough for one jump 3); 31.98 hours to refine 14922.588 m3 (full tank, including maneuver fuel).
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