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Eben Emael Sloop

design by John Atkinson

A class of ship, believed to be christened the Eben Emael Class Sloop, is reportedly used by Ides of March "Black Eagle" covert operations teams. The Ides of March deny maintaining either covert operations teams or the ships to support them. Ship names are believed to include Eben Emael, Cabanatuan, Son Tay, Entebbe, Mogadishu, and at least two others. On operations, they would be given the markings of either civillian ships or given a coating of black radar-absorbent paint. It is significant to note that they do not have the prefix RMS (Registered Mercenary Ship) as formally, they don't exist. . .

Atmospheric performance stats and stats for the plasma weapons will be sent shortly. The stats in RCEG and Striker II are off on the ranges.

History of the ship names: Eben Emael was a fort on the Belgian border in 1940. The first shots of the German's 1940 offensive were fired there. A reinforced company of parachutists were dropped in gliders and eliminated the entire fort in about 20 minutes. Cabantuan was a Japanese prisioner of war camp in the Phillipines. When the US landed on Luzon in Jan 1945, the commander was afraid the US POWs would be massacred. So he sent a Ranger Batallion to rescue them. Son Tay refers to the raid on a Vietnamese POW camp which went perfectly according to plan--US casualties amounted to a twisted ankle--but the POWs had been moved out by the Vietnamese only a few days earlier. Entebbe is a city in Uganda. Palestinians hijacked an Israeli aircraft and took it there, then released all non-Jewish prisioners. Israel sent an element of their Sayaret Matkal Counterterrorist Unit (Sayaret Matkal means reconaissance unit of the General Headquarters of the Israeli Defense Force--all Israeli SOF units are known as Sayarets, best translated as scouts) backed up by paratroopers for security and killed all the terrorists, rescued all but three of the hostages (they were killed in the crossfire) and only lost one man, Lt. Col. Jonathan Netanyahu, the younger brother of the current Israeli Prime Minister. Mogadishu is a reference to the raid by the GSG (literally border guards sharpshooter group--the German anti-terrorist force is part of their border guards) on a terrorist-held airliner there in the 70s. It also was sucessful with no casualties in the attack force or hostages.

Eben Emael Class Sloop

General Data

Displacement: 400 tons Hull Armor: 40
Length: 60.5 meters Volume: 5600 m3
Price: 297.25 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: AF Slab Tech Level: 13/14
Mass (Loaded):4,012.129441 tonnes, plus pod

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 993.27MW Tl-13 Fusion Power Plant (1.4025 MW shortfall) 1 year fuel duration
Jump Performance: 4 (TL-14 Relic Drive)
Fuel: 2800 m3
G-Rating: 4Gs (200MW/G), C-G lifters (40MW)
G-Turns: See notes
Maint: 115


Computer: 2xStd TL-13 computors, 1xFb TL-13 Computors
Commo: 2xTL-13 1000AU radio, 2xTL-12 1000AU maser
Avionics: TL-10+Avionics, TL-13 Terrain Following Avionics
Sensors: TL-13 Passive EMS fixed array 150,000km, Active EMS 300,000km
ECM/ECCM: TL-13 120,000km EMS jammer, TL-12 15,000km area jammer
Controls: Bridge w/ 8 WS, 9 normal WS


Offensive 4xTurrets. Normal fit is relic TL-14 Sandcaster, 3xTL-14 150Mj Laser turrets. 13.6 Megawatts is reserved to support that fit.
Planetary Combat Only: 2xforward-firing 76Mj RF Plasma guns with 100 rounds apiece. 1xRemote SSL in chin turret with 1,000 rounds
Defensive: See above
Master Fire Directors: 2xTL-13 Missle/Beam MFD (4 Diff Mods, 10 hexes)


Life Support: Extended
Grav Compensation: 4G
Crew: 23 (2xManuever, 1xElectronics, 6xGunnery, 9xEngineering, 1xMaintinence, 3xCommand, 1xMedic)
Crew Accommodations: 13 Small Staterooms, double occupancy except for the Captain
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 20 m3 1 Small Cargo Hatch
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 4 ton internal pod
Air Locks: 4


Ship can jump 8 parsecs (in two jumps, obviously) without any further fuel remaining. Each parsec not jumped translates to 14 G-turns. Ship can skim fuel at the rate of 2240 cubic meters of unrefined fuel per hour, and refine it internally at the rate of 47.5 cubic meters per hour.
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