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Saturn-Class Military Priority Transport

design by Nick Bradbeer

Deckplans in GIF format (22kb)

Saturn Class Transports (QF-01 to 03): CNV Saturn, CNV Charon, CNV Styx

Each deck is 2.5m high, including 50cm of solid deck, trunking and service space. The ship has a generally rounded form, with a pod-and-boom configuration, although most of the curves of the outer hull are actually made up of a large number of flat facets. Spaced around the pod, two above and one below, sit three fuel sponson tanks. While not strictly drop tanks, these may be isolated from the main fuel system and filled with excess cargo if required, or to provide a concealed cargo space.

Six fins also protrude from the rear section of the ship. Tapered in section, three large fins jut out between the sponsons, and three smaller ones protrude from the sponsons themselves. The belly fin is cut short, limited in length by the clearence of the landing gear. The sides of the six fins are covered in solar collectors, provididing minimum control and life support power when in the habitable zone of a star system and allowing the ship to run super-silent with the reactor actually shut down.

The whole ship is painted black with EMS absorbant surfacing, and the solar collectors have a dull black finish. Combined with the faceted surface, this gives the ship a strikingly sinister, almost insectoid appearance.


Key to Deckplans:

  1. Hangar Top (No Floor)
  2. Alpha Fuel Sponson
  3. Beta Fuel Sponson
  4. HEPlaR Burner
  5. Cargo Hold
  6. Ship's Boat
  7. Internal Fuel Tanks
  8. EMM Radiators / Folding Passive Array
  9. Port Sandcaster
  10. Starboard Sandcaster
  11. Fusion Reactors
  12. Jump Drive
  13. Engineering Control
  14. Backup Computer
  15. Emergency Low Berth Bay
  16. Life Support Systems Room
  17. Port Low Berths
  18. Starboard Low Berths
  19. Passenger Stateroom
  20. Passenger Stateroom
  21. Passenger Stateroom
  22. Passenger Satteroom
  23. Crew Stateroom
  24. Crew Stateroom
  25. Crew Stateroom
  26. Crew Stateroom
  27. Captain's Stateroom
  28. Jump Computer
  29. Primary Computer
  30. Controls and Comm Gear
  31. Bridge
  32. Active EMS Array
  33. Active EMS Processors
  34. Passive EMS Processors
  35. Gunnery / Sensor Stations
  36. Laser Turret
  37. Missile Launch Bay
  38. Missile Control Station
  39. Missile Magazine
  40. Fuel Scoop Inlets
  41. Fuel Processing Plant
  42. Contra-Grav Lifters
  43. Gamma Fuel Sponson 

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