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Cleon-Class Battle Tender

design by Nick Bradbeer

The Cleon Class Tender is a behemoth vessel, displacing three times as much as a Voroshilef Class Battleship. Carrying a squadron of six Admiral Class Battle Riders over insterstellar distances, the valuable and fragile Tenders usually disengage and retreat to a safe distance before battle is joined; often screened by one of their riders.

About two-thirds of the vessel's hull is filled with fuel for the massive jump drive and HEPlaR torches required to haul it and its deadly cargo into battle. While the tender is unstreamlined, a Cleon Battle Group is capable of conducting wilderness refuelling by using the Admirals as fuel shuttles. A total of twenty scooping sorties are required to refill the Cleon's tanks, each requiring just over two and a half hours. With six Admirals scooping and then refilling their own tanks, the group may refuel in just over ten hours; twenty hours after which the fuel will be totally refuelled by the vast plants onboard the Cleon. Scooping and refining enough fuel for an emergency Jump-1 escape takes only six hours.

The vessel is very lightly armed, with only a Meson Gun and a few defensive laser turrets. Sensors and communications are comprehensive, allowing the tender to stay out of the way of danger.

The Tender is armoured to 18AV. Since it is capable of a 2G acceleration (actually closer to 3G without riders and ignoring structural limitations), this is slightly under safe limits, but the required 20AV equates to a BR armour value of 1, greater than the value listed on the card.

I gave up totally on trying to get the surface area values to work, since with just the battle riders, the drives, screens and jump drive, the total surface area had been exceeded. I went for an Open Structure and assumed the very open arrangement shown on the counter gave additional surface area not accounted for by the FFS design system. (So this one has the correct Meson Screen value.)

I'd like to create a non-canonical version where the Cleon carried a couple of squadrons of fighters for self defence. It seems crazy to me to have such a valuable ship so defenceless, and holding back one sixth of the battle group to act as a screen is just a silly use of resources.

Cleon Battle Tender

General Data

Displacement: 300,000/450,000 tons Hull Armor: ???
Length: 800.71 meters Volume: 4,900,000 / 6,300,000 m3
Price: 134.46 GCr MCr Target Size: VL
Configuration: USL Open Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded):1,951,921.7 / 1,706,804.8

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 500 GW Fusion Plant, 1 year's fuel
Jump Performance: 3
Jump Fuel: ?? m3
G-Rating: 3Gs Heplar
G-Turns: 50 G-turns (65 after J2, 80 after J1, 95.3 burning jump fuel)
Maint: 80,206


Computer: 8xTL-14 Fibre-Optic Computers
Commo: 8xLaser (1000AU), 8xMaser (1000AU), 2xMeson (1000AU), 2xRadio (1000AU)
Avionics: TL 10+
Sensors: 2xActive EMS (16 hex), 2xActive EMS (10 hex) Passive EMS (8 hex), 3xPassive EMS (7 hex) 4xLadar (10 hex), Densitometer, Neutrino Sensor
ECM/ECCM: 2xRadio Jammers (1000AU), 2xEMS Jammer (16 hex), EMM
Controls: Bridge with 700 workstations, Aux Bridge, 3291 workstations


Offensive TL-14 5.6-GJ Meson Gun (MG-5600-10-2) 10:375, 20:375, 40:265, 80:133 40xTL-14 150-MJ Laser Turret (LTR-150-2-2) 2: 1/10-31, 4: 1/10-31, 8: 1/10-31, 16: 1/7-21 TL-14 20 ton Missile Bay (20 ready missiles serving four autoloading launchers)
Defensive: 60xTL-14 Sandcaster Turrets 4x1-hex Nuclear Damper Turrets TL-14 Meson Screen (1250 PV)
Master Fire Directors: 21xTL-14 Beam MFDs 1xTL-14 Beam/Missile MFD

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
50MJ Laser Lance10:1/22-68 20:1/15-46 40:1/7-23 80:1/4-11


Life Support: Extended on all but fuel tanks.
Grav Compensation: 5Gs not in fuel tanks.
Crew: 5028 2xManoevre 10xElectronics 3282xEngineers 185xGunnery 540xMaintenance 150xShip's Troops 26xFlight Crew 105xStewards 41xMedics 679xCommand
Crew Accommodations: 3000 small staterooms (Single Officers, Double Crew)
Other Facilities: 164xElectronics Shops 2xMachine Shops 4xLaboratories 42xSick Bays 100xEmergency Low Berths 6x50-ton bays (cargo; may be replaced with weapons or hangars)
Cargo: 28,000 m3 80 Large Cargo Hatches, 350,000 m3 (25,000 ton) Fuel Distribution tanks (138 spare G-turns for Admirals = 23 each)
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 6x25,000 tonne USL Grappels for Admiral Battle Riders
2x100-ton minimal hangars for Shuttles / Scout/Couriers
2x50-ton spacious repair hangars for Modular Cutters
4x50-ton minimal hangars for Modular Cutters
20x2-ton minimal hangars for Travel Pods
Air Locks: 3000


Total Fuel tankage 3,039,175 m3 (217,084 tons)
3 GW FPP - 30.4 hours to refine all fuel.
Crew calculated by Modified FFS model
38756.8 MW Power Surplus

Damage Tables

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