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Nightlord Battle Tender

design by Chris Thompson

This is athe tender used to carry the Fury-Class battle riders. The vessel carries 18 riders in internal bays. The on board facilities are avilable to repair of build new vessels. while R&R for the crews are taken care of with libraries, flight sims, survival course, gravball courts, gyms, virtual reality stations, weight rooms, running tracks and tridee theaters. the tender has a small suit of weapons for self defence and 24 squadrons of fighters for self defence and offensive actions. A design feature is tha baility to double the carrying capacity of the tender allowing it to bring 36 BR's into battel though it slows it doen to 3G acceleration. the 100 dton scouts are either scouts or J-6 couriers. The 95 dton shuttles are carried abord in 100 dton hangar's which allow them to be replaced with extra scouts if the mission requires it. The tenders is able to control and coordinate up to 224 vessels which is the total number of vessels that can be shoehorned aboard, while the fighters deck controls all the fighters that can be fitted aboard. carrying extra small craft requires that the extra crew be double up with the normal crewmembers. if extra supplies are required 30,000 dtonpods are carried in one of the hangars this means that the total number of BR's that can be carried is reduced. The shipyard can build up to a 60,000 dton vessel with J-6 capablities. All the parts can be fabricated aboard and a small stockpile of common parts and raw materials is part is located in the shipyard.

Nightlord-Class Battle Tender

General Data

Displacement: 10,000,000 tons Hull Armor: 1000
Length: 1610 meters Volume: 140,000,000 m3
Price: 2,722,183.862 MCr Target Size: G
Configuration: SL Wedge Tech Level: 15
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 46,166,869.11/ 39,712,169.11

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 12,100,000 MW Fusion Power Plant, 1 year duration (1,210,000m3fuel)
Jump Performance: 4
Jump Fuel: 35,000,000m3fuel (8,750,000m3fuel per parsec)
G-Rating: 4G HEPlaR (2,800,000 MW/G)
G-Turns: 160(J3: 185; J2: 210; J1: 235; 260 using all jump fuel), 350,000 m3fuel each
Maint: 187,525


Computer: 9 x TL 15 Fibre Optic Computers (9.9 MW, 1.1 MW each)
Commo: 9 x Laser (1000 AU; 0.3 MW each), 9 x Maser (1000 AU; 0.6 MW each), 9 x Meson (1000 AU; 5 MW each), 9 x Radio (1000 AU; 20.0 MW each)
Avionics: 2 x Imaging EMS, inertial/gravitational positioning, 190 km/h NOE
Sensors: 4 x 480,000 km AEMS (16 hex; 25 MW each), 10 x 210,000 km PEMS Fixed Array (7 hex; 0.25 MW each), 9 x 300,00 km Ladar (10 hex; 0.6 MW), 4 x Densitometer (0.4 MW each), 4 x Neutrino (0.01 MW each)
ECM/ECCM: 4 x 480,000 km EMS Jammer (16 hex; 50 MW each), 4 x 3,000,000 km Area Jammer (100 hex radius; 1080 MW each)
Controls: Holographic Linked, Standard Automation, Bridge with 5,774 bridge workstations, Flag bridge with 173 bridge workstations, Fighter control with 130 bridge workstations, 26,862 normal workstations


Offensive 52,900 Mj N-PAW (Loc: Parallel-Arcs: 1; 14,694.444 MW (-2 Diff Mods); 1 crew)
30,000 Mj Meson Gun (Loc: Parallel-Arcs: 1; 8,333.333 MW (-2 Diff Mods); 110 crew)
100 x 150-Mj Laser Turret (Loc: 10 each loc 10,11,12,13,14,15, 16,17,18,19-Arcs: all 41.667 MW each (-2 Diff Mods); 1 crew each)
50 x 400-MJ Laser Barbette (Loc: 5 each loc 10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19-Arcs: all 111.111 MW each (-2 Diff Mods); 1 crew each)
2 x 50 dton Missile Bay (Loc: 16,17-Arcs all; 48 ready missile's; 8 in ready storage, 4500 in cargo bay; 6.84 MW each; (-6 Diff Mods); 4 crew each).
Defensive: 400 x Sand Caster (Loc: 20 each loc -Arcs: all; 1 MW; 50 canisters each beam reduction 2D10 x 5)
4 x 1,500,000 km Nuclear Damper (50 hex; 150 MW)
Meson Screen Generator (PV = 1000; 2500 MW)
Master Fire Directors: 42 x TL-15 (6 Diff Mods; 10 hex; 315 MW, 7.5 MW each; 1 crew)
8 x TL-15 (6 Diff Mods; 10 hex; Missile 10 hexes; 13.68 MW, 1.71 MW each; 1 crew each).

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
52,900 Mj N-PAWS 10:1150 20:1150 40:1150 80:1150
30,000 Mj Meson Gun 10:612 20:316 40:159 80:80
150 Mj Laser Turret 10:1/10-31 20:1/10-31 40:1/10-31 80:1/10-31
400 Mj Laser Barbette 10:1/16-50 20:1/16-50 40:1/16-50 80:1/16-50


Life Support: Extended (28,000 MW)
Grav Compensation: 6Gs
Crew: 42,174 (2 x Manoeuvre, 5 x Electronics, 26862 x Engineer, 324 x Gunnery, 3751 x Maintenance, 3000 x Ship's Troops, 696 x Flight, 808 x Steward, 346 x Medic, 5774 x Command, 173 x Flag Bridge, 130x Fighter Control)
Crew Accommodations: 47,200 x Small Stateroom (23.6 MW, 0.0005 MW each), 12500 x Emergency Low Berth (25 MW, 0.02 MW each), Flag Quarters (420 m3, 25 MW)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: 300 x Electronics Shop (180 MW, 0.6 MW each), 300 x Machine Shop (300 MW, 1 MW each), 100 x Laboratory (80 MW, 0.8 MW each), 400 x Sick Bay (320 MW, 0.8 MW each), Shipyard (60,000 dton vessels, jump capable, 50,000 MW), Armoury (1,500 m3, 30 MW), Morgue (1,500 m3, 30 MW), Ships Locker (14,000 m3, 1000 dtons), Recreation Facilities (30,000 m3).
Cargo: 1,400,000 m3 4000 Large Cargo Hatches.9000 missiles in magazine at 7m3each
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 18 x 30,000-ton spacious hangars, 308 x 50-ton spacious hangars, 20 x 100-ton spacious hangars. Sub craft carried 10 x 100-ton Scout-Couriers, 288 x 50-dton Spacehawk fighters, 20 x 50 ton Modular Cutters, 18 x 30,000 ton Fury-Class battle riders, 10 x 95-ton Shuttles.
Air Locks: 100,000


Total Fuel Tankage: 92,210,000 m3(6,454,700 tons). Fuel scoops (5% of ship surface), scoops 28,000,000 m3an hour, and fills tanks in 3.29 hours.Fuel purification machinery (50,000 MW) 10,000,000 m3per 6 hours, 55.33 hours to refine 92,210,000 m3

50-dton missile bay: Four high-speed launch systems for 7 L missiles are installed in the bay. Each includes a launcher, a mechanical reloader with eleven launch cradles, and a gunner's workstation equipped with a 300,000 km laser communicator and a 300,000 km MFD with pencil-beam AEMS. The bay also includes a magazine for storing eight more missiles. The bay contains 56 missiles, of which 48 are loaded to fire; the bay may fire 40 missiles in any turn and can control up to 24 of them. If the bay fires no faster than 16 missiles a turn, it may fire continuously until the ship's magazine is exhausted; at 24 per turn it can fire for two turns, then needs to spend one to reload. There are a further 4500 in a ready magazine located near the bay.

Hull material bonded superdense There are extra staterooms used to house crew from up to six of the riders while their ships are either undergoing repairs or as a break from duty.

The Flag Bridge is capable of handling up to 224 vessels while the fighter control deck can handle up to 720 fighters at once. The flag quarters are a suite of richly appointed rooms for the use for the admiral in command of the squadron.

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