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Sudniidbaa Assault Carrier

design by Alvin Plummer

What's a warfleet without massive troop transports? True, in wartime liners and other civilian starships are typically secured by the government for this job (observe both World Wars), but for nasty naval assaults on defended worlds you may want something more, umm, Sturdier. With, maybe, just a *little* bit more armour.

That's where the Sudniidbaa comes in. In it's typical operational use, it comes in when the capital ships have silenced the major gun's on the world under attack. It comes in between far orbit and 300,000 km off said world, and releases it's deadly cargo of 50 x 50-ton troop transports, each with between 50 and 100 men in full battle armour. It also send out 5 x 50-ton modular cutters (with a variety of possible modules in use, from anti-air to command posts to vechile transport to cargo), and 10 x 15-ton fighters (to gently tend the brood as it approaches it's destination, and provide immediate air cover when the Marines arrive.)

If a classic orbital assault is needed - with the troops being individually shot out of the missile tubes to the drop zone - the Sudniidbaa has 30 missile barbettes, permitting 150 men (max: this excludes cargo and ECM packages) to be launched from far orbit every 30 minutes.

These ships are actually commanded by Imperial Marine officers, rather than Imperial Navy men. Each ship holds 2,500 men standard, enough for a full regiment of marine infrantry. The following notes come from the Rebellion Sourcebook (MT), pg. 36 Regiment: A regiment is composed of several battalions. It is commanded by a colonel. Battalions: A battalion is composed of several companies. It is commanded by a lieutenant commander. A battalion is the basic military unit in the Imperium. It contains approximately 500 men. Companies: A company is composed of several platoons. It is commanded by a captain.

Note also that the 2,600 Marines carries are housed 4 to a large stateroom. If neccessary, the staterooms can be 'hot-bunked', allowing 7,800 Marines to be transported.

Note the Sudniidbaa is capable of jump4, G5. It's capable of keeping up with most naval strike forces, but will 'hang back', as it lacks a spinal mount. It can defend itself, but isn't meant to attack: that's the job of it's mates.

Also note that the Sudniidbaa does not carry extensive fighter wings, nor is it meant to carry armoured battalions. The Imperial Marines are currently working on a way to 'package' Trepida grav tanks and Astrin grav APC's so they will fit into Yolanda docking rings. The first prototypes are expected to be ready in 1117.

NOTE: The Sudniidbaa is actually built to G6 specifications. However, due to it's cargo load and transports, it cannot go faster than G5. Once it's cargo and transports have been dropped off, however, G6 performance can be reattained.

50-disp ton Yolanda Troop Transport is taken from Classic Trav's 'Fighting ships', and altered beyond recognition. The armour have been pumped up to 100 levels, sensors and EM masking has been added, and an optional 'heavy anti-personnel' laser put in place of the missile turrent. Finally, 2 sandcasters and 2 fusion guns have been added to the transport.

If the troops are being sent to a 'low-threat' landing zone, the lasers, sandcasters and additional fusion plant is removed, allowing 100 troops to be sent rather than fifty.

General Data

Displacement: 49,000 tons Hull Armor: 600
Length: 317.9 meters Volume: 686,000 m3
Price: MCr24,787.254 Target Size: L
Configuration: Slab SL Tech Level: F
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 498,122 / 383,478

Engineering Data

Power Plant: Fusion 139 800 MW, 1 yr duration (300 MW/Hit, 5797 MW surplus)
Jump Performance: 4
Jump Fuel: 31,500 m3
G-Rating: 5 (24 906 MW/G). Built at G6 specs (20 465 MW/G), can run at G6 if cargo, transports is offloaded.
G-Turns: 29.5 G-hours (57.0 G-hrs w/jfuel), 6 217 kl each. If no transports, cargo.... 35.9 (69.4 w/jfuel). 5109 kl each G-hr
Maint: 16,000


Computer: 3 x TL F fb (1.1 MW ea)
Commo: 3 x Radio 1000 AU (20.0 MW ea), 3 x Maser 1000 AU ( .6 MW ea), 3 x Laser 1000 AU ( .3 MW ea),1 x Meson 10 kex ( 3.0 MW)
Avionics: TL A+
Sensors: 3 x P-EMS folding (8 hex, .3 MW ea), 3 x A-EMS(16 hex, 25.0 MW ea), 20 x Ladar(10 hes, 2.5 MW ea)
ECM/ECCM: 3 x A-EMS jammer (16 hex, 50.0 MW ea), EM Masking (686 MW)
Controls: Bridge x 832 (2 extra), Engineer x 932


Offensive: 30 x Missile Barbettes (Loc 10,11,.15 MW, 0 Crew* ea),150 x TL F 150 Mj Laset Turrent, -2 Diff (Loc:10,11, Arc: All, 42 Mw, 0 Crew* ea)
Defensive: 352 MW TL F Meson Screen (PV: 750, Crew 11), 150 x TL F Sandcasters (Loc:10,11, Arc: All, 1 MW, 1 Crew ea, 2D10x5 per hit, 50 C), 30 x TL F N Dampers (Loc:10,11, Arc: All, 1 hex range, 3 MW, 1 Crew ea)
Master Fire Directors: 30 x TL F Msl/Beam (-6 Dif, 10 hex, 10 hex, 1.7 Mw, 1 Crew ea), 150 x TL F Beam (-6 Dif, 10 hex, 1.6 MW, 1 Crew ea)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
150MJ Laser Turret 10:1/10-31 20:1/10-31 40:1/10-31 80:1/10-31


Life Support: Extended Life Support (137 MW)
Grav Compensation: ArtiGrav (3430 MW)
Crew: 5251 (Engineering-932, Maint-104, Ship's Troops-50, Electrical-21, Stewards-92, 'Passegers'(Marines)-2600, Maneuver-4, Command-681, Gunnery-401, Medical-43.
Crew Accommodations:
Passenger Accomadation: Sm. Strooms x 341 (double: .0005 MW ea), Lg. Strooms x 1144 (quad : .001 MW ea)
Other Facilities: 9 x Electrical Shops (.6 Mw ea), 9 x Mechanical Shops (1.0 Mw ea), 9 x Sickbay (.8 Mw ea)
Cargo: 50,000 m3 142 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 50 x 50 disp troop transports, 5 x 50 ton modular cutters, 10 x 15 ton fighters. All in docking rings.
Air Locks: 490


Bridge, Aux Bridge, Flight Bridge (65 craft), Fire Control Centre

Fuel Scoops: jfuel in 3 hr 10 min, all fuel in 6 hr 45 min

Fuel Purif: jfuel in 24 hr, all fuel in 51 hr 35 min

Damage Tables

Surface Area

1        1-7  Airlock
2-3      1-16 Antenna
4-7      1-12 EMMR
        13-20 Meson Screen
8-13     Docking Rings
14-15    1-4 Docking Rings
         5-20 Meson Screen
16-17    Meson Screen
18-19    1-10  LCHatches

Damage Area

1        1-16 Elect
        17-20 Quarters
2-3     Quarters
4-5      1-6  Quarters
         7-20 Hold
6-9     Hold
10-11    1-4  Weapons
         5-20 Hold
12-17   Hold
18-19    1-18 Engineering
        19-20 Hold
20       4-20 Eng

System Damage

   3 x Laser, Maser, Radio: Ladar    (1h)  Ant (1h) ea.
   3 x P-EMS                         (2h)       2H  ea.
   3 x A-EMS, A-EMS jammer           (2h)  ea.
   EMM                                67H      (686h)
   Meson Screen                       53H
   9 x Mech Shop, 9 x Elect Shop       1H  ea.
   Sm. Stroom x  344                  (2h) ea.
   Lg. Stroom x 1144                   1H  ea.
   ArtiGrav                          137H
   Life Support                    1 261H
   Emerg. Life Support               630H
   Laser Turrent x 150                 1H ea.
   Sandcaster Turrent x 150            1H ea.
   Missile Barbettes x 30              1H ea.
   Nuclear Dampers x 30                1h ea.
   Jump Drive                        686H
   HEPlaR                            125H
   Power Plant                       466H
   Fuel Purif                        630H

NOTE: asterisks after some crew numbers means that these positions *can*
be manned in lieu of the MFD stations.

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