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Patriot Class Light Cruiser

design by David A. Nelson


The Patriot Class Light Cruiser: The first ship of the patriot class was laid down in 1088. Know as the Broadsword Bruiser by Imperaial Intelligence, little was know about these ship unitl 1093. A shooting incident took place on the edge of Imperial space between a squadron of Imperial Destroyers and a Patriot Class ship of the "Solomani Home Gurad." This gave the Imperuim its insight into the ship's ablities.

The Patriot class main 10000mj meson gun, is backed up by 2 forward firing 3000mj PAW and one 3000mj rear mounted PAW. 10 10ton missle bay and 200 turret sockets round out the patroit's armament. 4 1000mj short range planetary bombardment mason gun are also part of the ship armament.

With J-5 and 4gs of manoever, it seems that Solomani plans call this class to be used as a fleet intruder. Driving deep into enemy territory, the patroit class will inflict damage on an emeny worlds and shipping, then escape before reinforcement can be brought to bare.

The Patriot class is still known as the Broadsword class in Imperail Navy circles because of its unique configuration. The long thin fore-section resembles a blade of a sword, and the round engineering section resembles a hilt.

Patriot Light Cruiser

General Data

Displacement: 30,000 tons Hull Armor: 280
Length: 276 meters Volume: 420,000 m3
Price: MCr164,121.4 Target Size: L
Configuration: Needle SL Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 552,625.9 / 531,710.2

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 73000wm Fusion PowerPlant (100mw/hit) 1.9 month duration
Jump Performance: 5
Jump Fuel: 25,200 m3
G-Rating: 4g (15.000mw/g), Contra-Grav lifters (93.000mw)
G-Turns: 49.52g, 117.2 using all jump fuel, (1875m each)
Maint: 22,786


Computer: 8xTL-14 Fb Computers (1mw each)
Commo: 10 x 1000 Au laser (**,.3mw each); 4x10000 AU maser (**, .6mw each), 3x 1000Au Radio (**,20mw each)
Sensors: 6x 480000km actiem ems (16hex, 25mw each); 3x 240000km passive EMS folding array (8 hex, .3mw each), 3x 180000km passive EMS fixed array (6hex, .2mw each), 1x densitometers; 1x neutrino sensor
ECM/ECCM: EMM masking package (420mw), 300000km EMM jammer (10hex, 60mw)
Controls: bridge with 165 bridge workstations, auxiliiary bridge work stations and 608 normal workstaions


Offensive TL-14 10000mj mason gun, loc:spine arcs: 1 mw:2777.8 (-2diff mods), crew:62; TL-14 3000mj Paw, loc: spine, arcs: 1,1,6 mw: 833 (-2 diff mods),crew:3 each; 100 TL-14 105mj Laser turrets, locs: 10 at 1 arcs: 1,2; 4 at locs: 2-5 arcs: 1,2,3,4; 4 at locs: 6-9 arcs: 1,2,3,4,5; 29 at locs: 14 and 15 arcs: 2,3,4,5 crew: one (usualy none, fired from MFD) 41.666mw each (-2 diff mods), 10 100 ton missle bays (locs 6,6,7,7,8,8,9,9,14,15) crew:1 each; 4x1000mj mason gun, locs: 15,15,14,14 crew none (surface bombardment only) 277.7 mw each (-2 diff mods)
Defensive: 100 TL-14 sandcasters: 20 at loc 15,14 arcs:2,3,4,5,6; 7 at locs: 2-5 arcs:1,2,3 7 at locs: 6-9 arcs: 2,3,4,5, 4 at loc 1 arcs: 1,2. 1 crew each; 1 mw each 2d6x5 per hit, 50 cans each. 1x TL-14 300 mw mason screen (pv=606) crew 11
Master Fire Directors: 50 x Tl-14 missile/beam Mfd (5 diff mods/missles 10 hex 1.77mw each; 1 crew each)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
10,000 Mj Meson Gun 10:500 20:250 40:125 80:63
3,000 Mj PAW 10:274 20:274 40:274 80:137
1,000 Mj Meson Gun 4,000km:158 8,000km:79 16,00km:39 30,000km:19


Life Support: extended (41.9mw) gravitic compensators (5g/1048.12mw) no life support for fuel tanks
Grav Compensation:
Crew: 1334 (608 engineering, 6 electronics, 4 maneuvering, 236 gunnery, 6 flight crew, 96 maintenance, 320 command, 40 stewards, 10 medical)
Crew Accommodations: 3 large staterooms (captain), 17 large staterooms (single occupancy, 151 small staterooms (double accupancy), 254 small staterooms (four crew each)
Passenger Accomadation: none
Other Facilities: none
Cargo: 431 m3 4 Large Cargo Hatches with storage for 50 missiles.
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 4 hangers (spacious) for 50 ton craft, 2 hangers (spacious) 10 ton craft
Air Locks: 300


Fuel purification plant: TL-14 fuel purification plant, 90,000m3 in 6 hours.
This ship has a power short fall of 4070.871MW. Once all back system are shot down the ship has enought power to use all the system need for combat. Every one of the ship's laser turret has a workstation, which allows it to be fired local, however the laser turrets are generally fired from a MFD.

Damage Tables

area           surface hit          internal explosion
 1              1-16 ant       (1-6) weapons   	(7-20) hold
 2-7            1-12 ant       (1-2) weapons   	(3-20) hold
 8-9            1  emmr        (1-3) weapons 	(4-9) elec 	(10-20) hold
 10-13          1-12 emmr      (1-15) hold 	(16-20) quarters
 14-15                         (1-10) weapon 	11 elecs 	(12-20) hold
 16-17                         (1-15) eng 	(16-20) hold
 18-20                         Eng

system hit capacity: MD: 60H; CG: 60H; JD 830M; FFP:450; PP: 730; MS 1M; E-SHOP
: 1M; HANGERS: 1M; AG: 41M; LS: 318M; ELS: 159M;  MEDICAL BAYS: 1M; SSR: 2m; LS
R 1M; EMM: 42m; EMMR: 420m; pemsa (folding array) 3M; mason gun 19M; Paws 9M; m
mason screen: 450M; Lt: 1M; sand: 1M small mason guns 1M; all other systems 1m
hit each.

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