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Resolution Schooner

design by Gloria

After numerous funding shortages and technical delays, the Resolution, the first of the new Schooner class, moved away from its dry dock under its own power. The schooner is the newest ship class in the Coalitions's growing fleet of ships, designed for exploring beyond the AO. The ship has a new 75 ton pod bay, that will fit a number of multifunction pods, from a scientific pod for pure exploration to troop carrying and planetary assault. It is also well armed to defend itself from hostile forces; the socket turrets taking a number of different weapons systems and the 3G maneuver drive allows for good maneuverability. The jump 3 engines also give the schooner long legs. The ship's machine and electronic shops are for use in bootstrap and diplomatic missions. It also carries a small squad of ships troops to provide defence for the ship against boarding actions. The ships boat allows for small landing parties on missions that might endanger the ship.

Resolution Schooner

General Data

Displacement: 1000 tons Hull Armor: 70
Length: 60 meters Volume: 14,000 m3
Price: 278.63688 MCr Target Size: M
Configuration: AF Cylinder Tech Level: 12
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 9784.543 / 5070.76

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1000MW fusion reactor, (100MW per hit) with one year duration
Jump Performance: 3
Jump Fuel: 2800 m3
G-Rating: 3 (300MW/G) and contra grav lifters (40MW)
G-Turns: 80 (110 w/jump fuel) 187.5 m3 each
Maint: 680


Computer: 3x Mob Fib computers (.8MW)
Commo: 2x300,000km (10 hex) radios (10MW each), 1x300,000km (10 hex) Maser
Avionics: TL10+ avionics w/ terrain following (.13MW)
Sensors: 1x300,000km (10 hex) AEMS (2.7MW), 1x100,000km (10 hex) PEMS (.3MW) 1x120,000(4hex) ladar ( 1.2 MW), Neutrino Sensor ( 1 MW), densometer( 1MW)
ECM/ECCM: 1x120,000kn (4 hex) EMS Jammer (3.3MW), EMM (.14MW)
Controls: 16 bridge workstations, and 8 workstations


Offensive2xTL-12 120mj laser turrets (loc:4, 6 Arcs: 4:2,3 6:2, 3, 4 Pwr:3.3MW Crew: 1 each)
1xTL-12 Missile barbette (loc: 12, 5 msl rdy, Pwr: 1.5MW crew 1 10 msl in cargo)
1xTL-12 1000mj PAW (loc: spinal mount Pwr: 33.33MW Crew: 1
Defensive: 2xTL-12 sandcaster turrets (loc: 3, 15 30 canisters beam reduction 1D10x5
Master Fire Directors: 2 TL12 MFD Msl rdy (Diff 4 300,000km range (10hex) Pwr: 60Mw Crew: 1 each

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
1000mj PAW 5:173 10:87 20:43 40:22
120mj laser 4:1/9-27 8:1/9-27 16:1/5-19 24:1/3-9


Life Support: Extended (2.7MW)
Grav Compensation: 4G (1.8MW)
Crew: 52 : 2xelectronic, 2xmanuvering, 7xcommand, 8xgunners, 12xengineering, 3xmaintance 2xmedical 2xstewards, 3xflight crew, 10xships troops
Crew Accommodations: 28 small staterooms , 7 singles 22doubles (.0005MW each)
Passenger Accommodations: None
Other Facilities: Sickbay (.4MW), Electronic shop (.6MW), Machine shop (.6MW)
Cargo: 50 m3 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 30ton ship's boat in min hanger, 75-ton pod bay.
Air Locks: 10


Fuel scoops allow complete refueling in 20 hours. Fuel purification plant processes all fuel within 24 hours.

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