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Samson Class Clipper

design by Nick Bradbeer

Alright, here's the clipper. The dedicated fuel skimmer/power pack will be along shortly. This ship realls is a simple spine with grapples along it. There's a drive pod at the back and a cockpit section at the front. The 'back of the neck' is a hangar bay for a 20-ton gig, in addition to which it carries a 400-ton fuel skimmer, 6x100-ton modules (flat modules shaped a bit like the freighter cargo packs from Babylon 5), 4x50-ton modules and 4x20-ton small craft, either cargo tugs, gigs or assault fighters.

The ship carries almost no fuel, relying on the skimmer and/or fuel modules. The skimmer is enough to jump and manoevre on, but bolting on a few fuel modules will dramatically increase its mission range.

Yes, I nicked a lot of stuff from the RC Clipper, but then my campaign nicked a lot from the RC. The setting is essentially just how I'd have liked the RC to have been. NB: the jump drive and laser turrets are savaged TL-13, the remainder is new-built TL-11. The Samsons were all (probably 4, this number may change) built at Cyrinia's recovered orbital shipyards.

Samson Clipper

General Data

Displacement: 470 / 1750 tons Hull Armor: 10
Length: 93 meters Volume: 6580 / 24,500 m3
Price: 480.07 MCr Target Size: S / M
Configuration: Open USL Tech Level: 11 / 13
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 9,088 / 9,002

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1.59 GW Fusion Plant with 118.9 m3 fuel (6 months)
Jump Performance: Relic TL-13 J4 Drive (at 470 tons) (drops to J1 with enough modules)
Jump Fuel: 0 m3
G-Rating: 1G (1,350 MW/G)
G-Turns: 2 G-turns (168.8 m3)
Maint: 431


Computer: 3xTL-11 Standard Computers
Commo: 1xTL-11 Laser (1000 AU) 1xTL-11 Maser (1000 AU) 1xTL-11 Radio (10 hex, 300,000 km) TL-11 Radio Receivers.
Avionics: TL-10+
Sensors: 1xTL-11 Active EMS (10 hex, 60 MW) 1xTL-11 Passive EMS (4 hex, fixed array) 1xTL-11 Densitometer
ECM/ECCM: EM Masking
Controls: Bridge with 11 workstations 19 Engineering Workstations


Offensive 4x Relic TL-13 104-MJ Nongrav X-Ray Laser Turrets
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: 2xTL-11 MFD's (-3 DiffMods, 4 hex, 10 hex Msl)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
104-MJ Laser Turret2 1/8 25 4 1/4 138 1/2 6 16 1/1 3


Life Support: Extended
Grav Compensation: 2Gs
Crew: 42 : 5xCommand (CO, XO, Chf Eng, (Tech Officer, Payload Spec) 2xManoevre (Pilot, Jump Pilot) 2xElectronics (Sensors, Comms) 6xGunnery (2xMFD, 4xTurret) 19xEngineer (3xDrives, 7xJump, 7xPower) 4xFlight Crew (Plt, Cplt, 2xFlt Eng) 6xMaintenence/Loadmasters
Crew Accommodations: 30xSmall Staterooms
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 52.2 m3 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 1x20-ton Launch Hangar (Forward dorsal) 1x400-ton USL Skimmer Grapple (Aft dorsal) 6x100-ton USL Module Grapples (Aft sides) 4x50-ton USL Module Grapples (Fwd Sides) 4x20-ton USL Tug/Fighter Grapples (Ventral)
Air Locks: 4


Fuel Purifier: 2.74 hours to refine 456.5 m3
2.6MW Power Surplus
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