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Feiwoi' Gunship

design by Pete Grey

A relatively new class first introduced in 1109 Imperial, it existed in considerable numbers by the time of the Imperial Civil War. It was used heavily as a spearhead and support ship for Ihatei stormgroups, and was a bane to Denebian SDBs and gunships. Feiwoi' is the Aslan equivalent for the Terran term "I raise you" or "top this." The ship is little more than an Aslan copy of the Gazelle-class sloop, but as its name implies, its bigger, faster and meaner upgrade. It has one centimeter more armor, 6-G, four remote 360 MJ laser barbettes. On the down side it has only J-3, less endurance and no provision for a small craft.

Those were of little comfort to the Domain of Deneb, who lost more than a few of its Gazelles, Fierys and Patrol Cruisers to this class. Historians credit the toughness of designs like the Feiwoi' and its sisters for being the main impetus in Norris cooptation strategy towards the Aslan: a naval war with these vessels would have been to costly.

Feiwoi' Gunship

General Data

Displacement: 400/500 tons Hull Armor: 86
Length: 51 meters Volume: 5600/7000 m3
Price: 310.016 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: SL Wedge Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): With Tanks: 5090.64/4909.33 W/O Tanks: 5536.6/5256.83

Engineering Data

Power Plant: : TL-14 1415 MW Fusion Plant (One year Duration.)
Jump Performance: Without tanks, 4(350 m3 per parsec), with tanks, 2
Jump Fuel: m3
G-Rating: W/O tanks, 6 (200 MW/G), with tanks, 4 (300 MW/G), CG Lifters (40 MW)
G-Turns: 56 without tanks, 83.09 with
Maint: 178


Computer: 3 TL-14 Fb (1.0 MW each)
Commo: 1000 AU radio (20 MW), 1000 AU Maser.
Avionics: TL-10+ Flt
Sensors: AEMS 300,000 km (Range: 10, 15MW), PEMS 180,000 KM folding array (Range: 6, 0.1 MW)
Controls: Bridge with 10 workstations, plus 11 other workstations.


Offensive 4 TL-14 360 MJ remote Laser Barbettes (Loc: 10,11; arcs: 1,2,3,4. Loc: 16,17; arcs: All)
Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors: 2 TL-14 DF MFD (Range: 10, -5 Dif Mods, 1.2 MW each.)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
360 MJ Laser Barbette 10:1/15-48 20:1/15-4830:1/9-29 40:1/4-13


Life Support: Extended (6.82 MW)
Grav Compensation:5G (35.8 MW)
Crew: 21 (2 Manuever, 2 Electronics, 2 Gunnery, 1 Maintenance, 11 Engineers, 3 Command.)
Crew Accommodations: 1 Small Stateroom (Single Occupancy), 10 Small Staterooms (Double Occupancy).
Passenger Accomadation:
Other Facilities: None
Cargo: 0 m3 0 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 4


Fuel Processing Plant that can refine an entire load of internal fuel in 12 hrs, 24 hrs including the drop tanks.

Damage Tables

Location:     External         Internal
1             Ant              1-15: Elec, 16-19:
                               20: Eng
2-3           Ant              1-6: Elec, 7-20: Hold
4-5           1-6:Ant, 7:AL    1-8: Qtrs, 9-20: Hold
6-7           CH               1-6: Qtrs, 7-20: Hold
8-9,12-13                      Hold
10-11         AL               1-6: LB, 7-8:
14-15                          1-10: Eng, 11-20: Hold
16-17                          1-6: LB, 7-15: Eng
                               16-20: Hold
18-19                          Eng
20            EMMR             Eng

Systems Damage
 JD: 3H     SR: 2h
 PP: 14H    AG: 1H
 MD: 1H    EMM: 1H
 CG: 1H   EMMR: (11h)
FPP: 8H     LB: 1H
 LS: 9H    MFD: 3h
ELS: 5H   Others: 1h

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