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Praetorian Sloop

design by Pete Grey

When the Regency went ahead with upgrading their industrial base to TL-15 under the auspicies of the Industrial Development Program, it was with the understanding that it would doom older TL-14 designs to obsolesence. In the face of the continuing starship shortage, upgrades of these designs were an imperative necessity. In many cases these were designs that still had useful life within them, or could be easily modified to fill new roles required by the Quarantine and current political conditions within the Spinward Extents.

The massive numbers of Gazelle class sloops being dumped into Reserve Fleets provided the raw material for a new class of interdiction ship. The Praetorian class is designed for commercial patrol duty, acting as a high profile deterrent to piracy and smuggling. The ship is furnished with a 45 meter, TL-16 1200 MJ Meson Gun and two amped up laser barbettes to give it the authority necessary to carry out its functions. The Gazelles original drop tanks are now a fixed part of the design, and the small craft grapple has been removed. The Meson Gun does not have an extreme range. Most of the class works established trade routes along the Regency's thinrim and spinward borders, in either RQS or World Navy forces.

Praetorian Sloop

General Data

Displacement: 400 tons Hull Armor: 104
Length: 61.5 meters Volume: 5600 m3
Price: 383.872 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Slab SL Tech Level: 15/16
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 5807.68 / 5497.68 tons

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1620 MW TL-15 Fusion Plant (120 MW/Hit)
Jump Performance: 3 (373.33 m3 per parsec, 1120 m3 for J-3)
Jump Fuel: 1120 m3
G-Rating: 6 (200 MW/G)
G-Turns: 52 with J-3 reserve, 63.2 with J-2 reserve, 74.4 with J-1 reserve (26.9 m3 each)
Maint: 141


Computer: 3 TL-15 Fb (0.9 MW each)
Commo: 1000 AU Maser (0.3 MW), 1000 AU Radio (20 MW)
Avionics: TL-10+ Flt
Sensors: TL-10+ Flt
ECM/ECCM: TL-10+ Flt
Controls: 9 Bridge plus 10 Normal.


Offensive 1 45m TL-16 1200 MJ Meson Gun (8.32 MW, 1 Gunner), 2 TL-15 420 MJ Remote Laser Barbettes (-2 Dif, 128 MW each.)
Defensive: Decoys (300 of each type versus Laser, AEMS and PEMS. -1 dif versus same TL, -2 versus lower TL.)
Master Fire Directors: 3 TL-15 300,000 km MFDs (Range: 10, 0.06 MW)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
1200 MJ Meson 1:170 2:170 4:72???
420 MJ Laser Barbette 10:1/17-5120:1/17-51 40:1/17-51 80:1/17-51


Life Support: Extended (1.12MW)
Grav Compensation: 6Gs
Crew: 20 (2 Bridge, 1 Electronics, 3 Gunnery, 1 Maintenance, 3 Command.)
Crew Accommodations: 2 Small Staterooms (single occupancy), 9 Small Staterooms (double occupancy)
Passenger Accomadation:
Other Facilities:
Cargo: 133.6 m3 1 Small Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: None
Air Locks: 4


Fuel Purification Plant (12 hrs)

Weapons Locations

Location:      Type:         Arcs:
10            1200 MJ Meson     1
12             420 MJ LB       2,3,4
13             420 MJ LB       2,3,4

Damage Tables

Location       Internal       External

1              Ant            1-11:Elec, 12-20:MG
2-5                           1-5:Qtrs, 6-9:Elec,
6-7                           1-11:MG, 12-20:Hold
8-9            AL             1-4:Qtrs, 5-20:Hold
10             Ant            MG
11             CH             1-6:LB 7-15:Hold,
12-17          Decoy          Hold
18-19          AL             1-15:Eng, 16-20:Hold
20                            Eng

Systems Damage:

 JD: 6H    EMM: 3H
 PP: 7H   EMMR: (6h)
 MD: 3H     SR: 2h
 CG: 3H     MG: 31H
FPP: 18H    LB: 2H
LS:  8H    MFD: 2h
ELS: 4H    All Others: 1h

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