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Hawker Patrol Frigate

design by Peter Grey

The Hawker Patrol Frigate was first put into service in 885, and it was soon upgraded to an IDP design. While not heavily armed, the Hawker was very useful in fleet screening, recon and commercial patrol duties. The ship is unique in carrying six twenty ton fighters, which constitute its main striking power. The fighters also act as a high guard during frontier refueling operations. Most Hawkers were bought by world and colonial navies for commerce patrols and piracy supression, and a large number were exported to other Spinward States in the Post-Collapse period by the Regency.

Hawker Patrol Frigate

General Data

Displacement: 800/920 tons Hull Armor: 65
Length: 70 meters Volume: 11,200 m3
Price: 501.524 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Wedge SL Tech Level: 13
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded):11,425.54 / 9,504.71 tons

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1371 MW Fusion
Jump Performance: 3 (1166 m3 per parsec, 3500m3 for J-3)
Jump Fuel: 3500 m3
G-Rating: 3(400 MW/G)
G-Turns: 73.8 with J-3 reserve, 85 with j-2 reserve, 96.2 with j-1 reserve. (63.3 m3 each)
Maint: 366


Computer: 3 TL-13 Fb (0.9 MW each)
Commo: 300,000 km radio (Range: 10, 10 MW), 1000 AU Radio (20 MW), 300,000 km maser (Range: 10, 0.2 MW)
Avionics: TL-10+ Flt
Sensors: PEMS 150,000 km Fixed Array (Range: 5, 0.2 MW), AEMS 240,000 km (Range: 8, 24 MW)
Controls: 12 Bridge plus 8 Normal.


Offensive 6 TL-13 300 MJ Remote Laser Barbettes (10.0 MW each)
Defensive: 300 MJ LB:10:1/14-43 20:1/14-43 40:1/8-26 80:1/4-13
Master Fire Directors: 2 TL-13 300,000 KM MFDs (Range:10, 0.2 MW each.)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
300 MJ Laser Barbette 10:1/14-43 20:1/14-43 40:1/8-26 80:1/4-13


Life Support: Extended (2.24 MW)
Grav Compensation: 4Gs (56 MW)
Crew: 14 (2 Manuever, 2 Electronics, 3 Maintenance, 8 Engineering, 6 Command, 1 medic
Crew Accommodations: 14 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy). 6 Small Staterooms (Double Occupancy)
Passenger Accomadation: 14 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy). 6 Small Staterooms (Double Occupancy)
Other Facilities: Sickbay
Cargo: 14 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy). 6 Small Staterooms (Double Occupancy) m3, 1 Small Cargo Hatches and 17 missles in Magazine
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 6 Peregrine Fighters in grapples (USL). Roomy Hangar for arming and maintenance with lauch port
Air Locks: 8


Fuel Purification Plant (12 hrs)

Weapon Locations

 Location:      Type:       Arcs:
 2              300 MJ LB   1,2,3
 3              300 MJ LB   1,2,3
 4              300 MJ LB   1,2,3
 5              300 MJ LB   1,2,3
 10             300 MJ LB   All
 11             300 MJ LB   All

Damage Tables

Location:     External     Internal
1             Ant          1-12:Elec, 13-20:Qtrs
2-5           Airlock      1-3:LB, 4-7:Elec,
8-11:Qtrs,                            12-20:Hold
6-9           Decoy        Hold
10            1:Ant, CH    1-3:LB, 4-20:Hold
11            LP           1-3:LB, 4-20:Hold
12-15         Grapple      1-4:Eng, 5-20:Hold
16-19         Grapple      1-10:Eng, 11-20:Hold
20                         Eng

Systems Damage

 JD: 14H   ELS: 23H
 PP: 33H    SR:  2h
 MD:  3H    AG:  3H
 CG:  6H   EMM:  5H
FPP: 16H  EMMR: 11h
LS:  44H    LB:  2H
        Hangar: 28H
       Grapple:  1H

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