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Weakhto Escort

design by Pete Grey

The Weakhto is a two hundred year old Aslan design that first entered service just before the Third Frontier War. Originally designed as a destroyer, the ship served with distinction with allied clans for about a century, before obsolescence and attrition began to reduce their impact. The practice of using these ships to escort Ihatei began around 1080. Hundreds of these vessels were impressed for service in support of Ihatei incursions BTC and into Reaver's Deep. Most of the ships used to attack across the Rift are still in service with many clan frontline units, the result of a dearth of shipbuilding facilities, and a shortage of line units due to the Collapse and Virus. The Weakhto isn't much of a warship anymore, its weak armor and poor acceleration make it a liability against the more advanced navies of other Spinward States. But it serves admirably as a security and response ship for internal needs. Aided by ample firepower, a large troop contingent and a large hangar for small craft carriage, the vessel is perfect against pirates, smugglers and in crisis response roles. Name means "battle", and individual ships were named after famous battles from the Hierates past.

Weakhto Escort

General Data

Displacement: 10,000 tons Hull Armor: 129
Length: 176 meters Volume: 140,000 m3
Price: 5196.44 MCr Target Size: L
Configuration: SL Slab Tech Level: 13
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 109,047.22 / 105,390.02

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 20,100 MW TL-13 Fusion Plant (1 year duration.)
Jump Performance: 3 (7,333 cm3 per parsec.)
Jump Fuel: 21999 m3
G-Rating: 3 (5000 MW/G), CG Lifters (1000 MW)
G-Turns: 56 ( 312.5 m3 per G-turn) 67.2 with J-2 reserve, 78.4 with J-1 reserve, and 89.6 with no reserve.
Maint: 2385


Computer: 3 TL-13 Fb (0.9 MW each)
Commo: 2x1000 AU radio (10 MW each), 2x1000 AU maser.
Avionics: TL10+ Flight
Sensors: PEMS 210,000 km Folding Array, AEMS 300,000 km
Controls: Bridge with 67, plus 162 others


Offensive 100 meter 10,000 MJ Meson PM (-2 Dms) (Loc: 1, arcs: 1, 2777 MW. 25 crew)
24 TL-14 300 MJ remote Laser Barbettes (Loc: 2 each in 2-5 Arcs: 1, 2, 3; Loc: 2 Each in 10,11 Arcs: All; Loc: 1 each at 16-19 Arcs: 3,4,5; Loc: 1 each at 6-9, 12-15 Arcs: 2,3,4; 10.0 MW each)
18 remote Missle Barbettes (Loc: 2 Each in 2,3,4,5 Arcs: 1,2,3; Loc: 6 at 10, arcs: all; Loc: 1 each at 16-19, arcs: 3,4,5, 0.15 MW each)
Defensive: Meson Screen (PV=420, 200 MW)
6 Decoy Dispensors (300 each of anti-ladar, Radar/Active EMS, and Infrared/Passive
12 Sandcasters (Loc: 1 ea. at 2-5, arcs: 1,2,3; loc: 2 ea. at 10-11, arcs: all; loc: 1 ea. at 12-13, arcs: 2,3,4; loc: 1 ea. at 16-17; arcs: 3,4,5; 1 MW each; Beam Attenuation: 2D6*5).
Master Fire Directors: 12 TL-12 MFDs (Diff Mods: -4, Range: 10)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
10 GJ Meson Gun 2:500 4:418 8:203 16:33
300 MJ Laser Barbette 10:1/14-43 20:1/14-43 40:1/8-26 80:1/4-13


Life Support: Extended (14 MW)
Grav Compensation:4Gs (350MW)
Crew: 391 (2 Manuever, 2 Electronic, 37 Gunners, 162 Engineers, 100 Ships Troops, 20 Maintenance, 57 Command, 16 Small Craft, 2 Medics, 3 Stewards)
Crew Accommodations: 5 Small Staterooms (single occupancy), 141 small staterooms (double occupancy), 50 large staterooms (quad occupancy).
Passenger Accomadation: 45 Small Staterooms.
Other Facilities: Sickbay.
Cargo: 2196.4 m3 2 Large Cargo Hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 2x95 ton shuttles, 2x40 ton cutters, and 4x10 ton g-carriers in a minimal hangar. 4 Launch Ports.
Air Locks: 100


Fuel Processing Plant (12 hrs)

Damage Tables

Location:    External     Internal
1            Ant          1-10:Elec, 11-12:Qtrs,
2-3          Ant          1-6:Elec, 7:LB, 8:MB, 9:SC
                          10-13:Qtrs, 14-20: Hold
4-5          AL           1:LB, 2:MB, 3-20: Hold
6-7          1-10:Ant     1-3:Qtrs, 4:LB, 5-20:Hold
8-9                       1-2:Elec, 3:LB, 4-20:Hold
10                        1:Elec, 2-3:MB, 4-5:SC,
11                        1-14:MG, 15:LB, 16-20: Hold
12-13        Cargo Hatch  1:LB, 2:SC, 3-20:Hold
14-15                     1-5:Eng, 6:LB, 7-20:Hold
16-17        LP           1:LB, 2:MB, 3:SC, 4-20: Hold
18-19                     Eng
20           EMMR         Eng

Systems Damage Table:

 JD: 210H    MG: 75H
 PP: 201H    LB: 2H
 MD: 15H     MB: 1H
 CG: 20H     MS: 30H
FPP: 104H    SC: 1H
 LS: 21H    MFD: 2h
ELS: 11H     SR: 2h
 AG: 7H  Hangar: 84H
EMM: 14H   EMMR: (140h)

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