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Transit Pocket Carrier

design by Pete Grey

The Imperial Navy first built the Transit class Destroyer in the late 790s to fill the light fleet escort, screening and pursuit roles. It came equipped with a large fighter bay to enable recon and early warning roles, and a sizeable 10 GJ PAW mount to protect the main fleet body against enemy strike and recon ships. Never a popular design owing to its limited armor and short range, and the availability of better ships, the class served a scant fifty years with the Imperial Navy before advancing technology made it obsolete. Most of the class was placed in mothballs among the Navy's many reserve depots, and the remainder were either used for target practice or as merchant auxillaries.

The class would have remained forgotten if not for the intervention of the Imperial Civil War. Each competing faction activated a handful of these ships, and impressed them into service. Most served during the height of the Black War as base ships for strike teams and their supporting fighters. In the Domain of Deneb however, defense was a more pressing need than planetary strike, and the ones they activated were modified with grapples for small battle riders. In the aftermath of the Collapse and especially the Rape of Trin, the shortage of military starships compelled the new Regency Navy to activate the fifty or so Transit that were still in storage, and heavily modify them for frontier service against Virus. Most were upgraded with surplus TL-14 armaments and life support. The most crucial modification was a grapple for a TL-14 1000 ton Gargoylebattle rider, and hangar space for a number of other supporting craft.

Cargo capacity is tight, as is fuel usage, and the addition of the rider limits jump performance to 2 when it is attached. But these modifications allowed the Regency to create small pocket task forces cheaply and quickly. The class is thinly deployed around the entire perimeter of the Regency, patrolling critical border and areas of the Regency Frontier. Most vessels located away from the Deeprim are used in commercial patrol and piracy supression roles. A sizeable number of new ships have been produced by the Regency's neighbors in the Spinward Hinters for their navies.

The vessel is overweight with the Gargoyle attached, and it is only carried during jump, which dovetails with its SOP.

Transit Pocket Carrier

General Data

Displacement: 5000 tons Hull Armor: 105
Length: 122.5 meters Volume: 70,000 m3
Price: 1910.995 MCr Target Size: M
Configuration: Slab SL Tech Level: 13/14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 65,101.42 tons/58,011.12 tons (Figure excludes small craft and Rider)

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 12180 MW TL-13 Fusion (300 MW/H)
Jump Performance: 3 (4,666 m3 per parsec)
Jump Fuel: 14,000 m3
G-Rating: 4 (2500 MW/G)
G-Turns: 56 with J-3 reserve, 67.2 with J-2 reserve, 78.3 with J-1 reserve. (312.5 m3 each) Use of "booster tank" allows for an additional 20.3 g-turns.


Computer: 3 TL-13 Fb (0.9 MW each)
Commo: 2 1000 AU Masers, 300,000 km Radio (Range: 10, 10 MW)
Avionics: TL-10+ Flt
Sensors: PEMS TL-14 180,000 km Fixed Array (Range: 6, 0.25 MW), AEMS TL-14 300,000 km (Range: 10, 11 MW)
Controls: 33 Bridge and 73 Normal


Offensive 100m 10 GJ NPAW (-1 DM, 694 MW, 13 crew), 14 TL-14 RLB-360-0 (10 MW each), 4 Remote Missle Barbettes (0.11 MW each, 5 Ready Missles each)
Defensive: 8 TL-14 Sandcasters
Master Fire Directors: 10 TL-14 300,000 MFDs (Range: 10, -4 DMs, 0.12 MW each)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
10 GJ PAW 10:500 20:500 40:409 80:153
360 MJ LB 10:1/15-48 20:1/15-48 40:1/9-29 80:1/4-13


Life Support: Extended (14 MW)
Grav Compensation: 5 Gs (350 MW)
Crew: 185 (2 Manuever, 2 Electronics, 20 Gunnery, 73 Engineering, 20 Maintenance, 25 Command, 18 Small Craft
Crew Accommodations: 15 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy), 90 Small Staterooms (Double Occupancy)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: Sickbay, Electronics Shop, Machine Shop.
Cargo: 1695.1 m3 plus 2800 m3 magazine for carried craft. m3
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 1 1000 ton Gargoyle class Battle Rider in Grapple (USL), 4 70 ton Ahab class Gunboats (Docking Ring) with 2 Launch Ports, 4 50 ton Spacehawk fighters (Docking Ring) with 2 Launch Ports.
Air Locks: 50


Fuel Tankage: 31,500 m3+1218 m3 for power plant. 6356 m3 "booster tank" for carried craft refueling.
Fuel Purification Plant (24 hr, does not account for booster tank), Fuel Scoops sufficient to fill tanks in 1 hr (does not include booster tank).

Damage Tables

Location       External      Internal
1              1-6: Ant      1-5: Elec, 6-8: Qtrs,
                             9-10: PM, 11-12: MB,
                             13-20: Hold
2-3            1: Ant, 2:AL  1-5: Elec, 6-8: Qtrs,
                             9-14: PM, 15: LB, 16-20:
4-5            Grapple       1-5: Qtrs, 6: LB, 7-20:
6-7                          1-5: Qtrs, 6: LB, 7: SC,
                             8-20: Hold
8-9            Grapple       Hold
10                           1: Eng, 2-3: LB, 4: SC.
                             5-20: Hold
11             Grapple       1-5: PM, 6-9: Eng, 10-11:
                             LB, 12: SC, 13-20: Hold
12-13          LP            Hold
14-15          Grapple       Hold
16-17                        1:LB, 2:SC 3-8: Hold,
                             8-20: Eng
18-19          1-2: Grapple  1: LB, 2-16: Eng,
                             17-20: Hold
20                           1: MB, 2-20: Eng

Systems Damage:
JD:      28H      LB:  1H
PP:      41H      PM: 31H
MD:      10H      SC:  1H
FPP:     29H      MB:  1H
CG:      15H     SSR:  2h
LS:      14H     MFD:  4h
ELS:      7H      SB:  1H
AG:       7H      ES:  1H
Hangar:   5H      MS:  2H
EMM:      7H    EMMR: 50h
Grapple: 14H

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