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Piranha (Block 2) Light Cruiser

design by Pete Gray

I started this design months ago, after seeing how Lewis has done a few of the ships from the Challenge 61 article "Ships of the Black War." Please note that this design is my own personal modification of the Piranha in the article.

Overview: The Piranha class Light Cruiser was designed during the height of the Fifth Frontier War. The vessel was designed as a heavy anchor unit in light raiding forces and screening squadrons, and was intended to replace two other classes of cruiser. The original Block 1 ship was constructed around a massive meson gun, a gun so large that the ship could only muster 3G and J-3. When postwar analysis showed the ship too slow for its intended role, the Navy Ship Command ordered a redesign to supplement the slower version. The Block 2 Piranha was designed as a deep penetration and commerce raider, and has J-5, a range greater than the majority of the Imperial Navy's inventory.

Most Block 2s that served in the Imperial Civil War were built either by the Domain of Deneb, or Lucan's faction. The class became infamous in the latter's service as a Black War raider. The class has remained in production in the DoD/Regency Navy until the present day, and has been used heavily against Viral bases and shipping in Corridor Sector and the Great Rift. The class is scheduled to end main production in 1207.

Piranha Light Cruiser

General Data

Displacement: 20,000 tons Hull Armor: 784
Length: 220 meters Volume: 280,000 m3
Price: 19,524.56 MCr Target Size: L
Configuration: Slab SL Tech Level: 15
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 246,443.8 tons/241,452.46

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 46,500 MW TL-15 Fusion Plant
Jump Performance: 5 (16,800m3 per parsec)
Jump Fuel: 84000 m3
G-Rating: 4 (10,000 MW/G), CG Lifters (2,000 MW)
G-Turns: 56 (1250 m3 each), 67.2 with j-4 reserve, 78.4 with j-3 reserve, 89.6 with j-2 reserve.


Computer: 3 TL-15 Fb Computers (2 MW each)
Commo: 1000 AU Meson (20 MW), 1000 AU Maser, 1000 AU Radio (20 MW), 300,000 KM Radio (10 MW, Range: 10)
Avionics: TL-10+ Flt
Sensors: AEMS 450,000 KM (Range: 15, 13 MW), PEMS 180,000 KM Fixed Array (Range: 6, 0.15 MW), 240,000 KM Folding Array (Range: 8, 0.3 MW)
ECM/ECCM: EMM (280 MW), 45,000 KM Area Jammer
Controls: 63 Bridge plus 332 Normal.


Offensive 40 GJ N-PAW Spinal Mount (-2 modifiers, 555 MW, 9 crew), 60 RLB-420-0 (12.8 MW each), 20 Remote Missle Barbettes (0.15 MW each).
Defensive: 20 TL-15 Sandcasters (1 MW each), Meson Screen (PV=800, 400 MW), 5 100 ton TL-15 Nuclear Damper Bays (Range: 4, 127.63 MW each)
Master Fire Directors: 15 TL-15 DF MFDs (Range: 10, 0.06 MW each)

Name Short Medium Long Extreme
420 MJ LB 10:1/17-51 20:1/17-51 40:1/17-51 80:1/17-51
40 GJ NPAW 10: 1000 20: 1000 40: 1000 80: 1000


Life Support: Extended (56 MW)
Grav Compensation: 6Gs (1400 MW)
Crew: 540 (8 Bridge, 24 Gunnery, 10 Screens, 310 Engineering, 36 Maintenance, 6 Small Craft, 50 Ship's Troops, 74 Command, 8 Stewards, 4 Medics)
Crew Accommodations: 20 Small Staterooms (Single Occupancy), 260 Small Staterooms (Double Occupancy)
Passenger Accomadation: None
Other Facilities: 2 Sickbays, Electronics Shop, Machine Shop. Fuel Purification Plant (12.72 Hrs, 367.5 MW)
Cargo: 2073.4 m3 100 missles
Small Craft and Launch Facilities: 2 Ship's Boats (Minimal Hangar). 2 Launch Doors. 70 5-ton liferafts.
Air Locks: 200

Damage Tables

Location       External         Internal
1              Ant              1:LB, 2-5:Elec,
                                6-7:PAW, 8-10: Qtrs,
                                11: SC, 12-20: Hold
2-3            1-2:Ant          1:LB, 2:SC, 3-4:Qtrs,
4-5            AL               1:LB, 2:Sc, 3:Elec,
                                4-8:Qtrs, 9-20:Hold
6-9                             1:LB, 2:MB, 3-6:Qtrs,
                                7-20: Hold
10                              1-10:PAW, 11-18:Hold,
                                19:LB, 20:SC
11             Ant              1-2:Elec, 3-18: Hold
                                19:LB, 20:SC
12-15          AL               1:LB, 2:MB, 3:Sc,
16-17                           1:LB, 2:SC, 3-11:Eng
                                12-20: Hold
18-19                           1:LB, 2:SC, 3-20:Eng
20                              1:LB, 2:MB, 3-20:Eng

Systems Damage:

JD:   168H   SM:   98H
PP:    78H   LB:    1H
MD:    40H   MB:    1H
CG:    60H   MS:   80H
FPP:  147H   NDB:  14H
LS:    70H   SC:    1H
ELS:   35H   MFD:   1h
SSR:    2h   Life:  1H
EMM:   56H   Hang: 17H
EMMR: 280h

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