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Fuer-Class Freighter

design by Lewis Roberts

The Fuer-Class was built by Panstellar Enterprises, a Solomani corporation specializing in high technology. Originally they built ships on Terra, but during the Solomani Rim War, the evacuated to Alpha Crucis Sector. The Fuer-Class is a dedicated cargo hauler, it has no capacity for passenger carrying. The ship has never won any awards for beauty, but its is solidly built and very high quality. The ship is box shaped. The ship has two stubby wings, mounted to the top of the fuselage. Crew quarters are on the top deck, the ship has clam shell doors in the front and in the rear. When both are open its possible to drive through the ship.

In the New Era, some of these ships survive. In the RC Transstar's flag ship, the Pride of Terra, is a relic Fuer-Class. Others of this class can be found throughout Solomani Rim, and the spinward edge of Alpha Crucis. Transstar has had to modify the Pride to lessen the chance of Virus contamination. Mainly they have downgraded the automation,and increased the number of crew. To make rooms for the extra crew members Transstar has built several new staterooms in the hull. Junior crew members are usually assigned to these rooms.

FUER-Class Freighter

General Data

Displacement: 2000 tons Hull Armor: 40
Length: 246 meters Volume: 28000
Price: 581.8 MCr Target Size: M
Configuration: Box SL Tech Level: 14
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): ?/?

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 1400 MW Fusion Power Plant. 6 month duration;
Jump Performance: 3
G-Rating: 2G
G-Turns: Na (Thrusters)
Maint: ??


Computer: 3x TL 14 Std Computers
Commo: 30,000 km Radio, Maser
Avionics: TL-10+ Avionics
Sensors: 30,000 km AEMS, 60,000 km PEMS
Controls: Bridge with 6 WS, and 13 other (Std Automation) Bridge with 8 WS, and 27 other (Low Automation)


Definsive: None
Master Fire Directors: NA


Life Support: Extended.
Grav Compensation: 5 G
Crew(Std Automation): 20: 7 Engineers, 1 Maintenance, 1 Electronics, 2 Manuver, 6 Gunners, 3 Command Crew
Crew(Low Automation): 38: 21 Engineers, 3 Maintenance, 1 Electronics, 2 Manuver, 6 Gunners, 5 Command Crew
Crew Accommodations:
Cargo: (Std Auto) 15123 m^3 (Low Auto) 15040 m^3
Small Craft and Launch Facilities:
Air Locks: 20


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