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Highlander-Class Explatory Merchant

design by Cynthia C. Higginbotham

The Highlander-class is a Louis & Clark-Class Scout Surveyor modified for merchant use; in this case, extra armament was added, and the computer was upgraded. Note the use of 25MW vehicular Beam Lasers for point defense; in space, the range is entirely adequate for such use, and it is unnecessary to use the full power of a 250MW ship's laser to blow up unarmored missiles. Also note the use of Fusion Y guns for close-range combat; at the short range of, say, a boarding attempt, the Y guns are capable of turning the average (armor 40-60) corsair or pirate's hull into so much Swiss cheese.

Also note Darrian computers; listed as 7(fiber-optic) rather than 7fib because 7fib is a conventional computer with fiber-optic backup and is priced to reflect the redundancy; Darrian computers are purely fiber optic, no backup involved. Note the use of extendible solar panels to increase the level of "emergency" power, and additional fuel capacity added in the form of external tanks and a collapsible tank in the hold -- Highlander is intended for extra-Imperial exploratory trading, a la Leviathan.

The Design was done with the Megatraveller rules.

Highlander-Class Exploratory Merchant

General Data

Displacement: 500 tons (600 tons with vehicles) Hull Armor: 40
Length: 100 meters Volume: 7000m3
Price: 185.45 Target Size: S
Configuration: Open/Irregular USL Tech Level: 13
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 6236/4816

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 900MW Fusion 132 days operation. 8.1MW Fuel Cells, 9 days of operation. 47.5 MW Solar Cells.
Jump Performance: Jump-3
G-Rating: 2 (Thruster Plates)
G-Turns: Unlimited
Fuel Tankage:2000m3 of fuel. 250m3 of this is carried externally. 1000m3 Collapsible Fuel Tank is stored in Cargo Hold. 15.5m3 of fuel for Fuel Cells. Fuel Purifier:30.9m3/hour.
Maint: 125 (Approximate)


Computer: 3x TL 13 Fib Computers. (See note above)
Commo: 2x500,000km radio, 2x1000 AU maser, 2x1000AU laser.
Avionics: TL-10+ Avionics
Sensors: 2xActive EMS 500,000 km, Passive EMS 2 parsecs, 50m Densitometer, 100km Neutrino Detector.
Controls: Standard Automation Controls.


Master Fire Directors


Life Support: Extended.
Grav Compensation: 4G
Crew: 23 : 3x Command, 4x Bridge Crew, 2x Engineering, 4x Gunners, 6x Flight crew, 2x Steward, 2x Medical
Crew Accommodations:
Passenger Accommodations:
Cargo: 1000 m3.
Small Craft and Launch Facilities:
Air Locks: 4


Fuel purification machinery (2.5 MW), 18.23 hrs to refine 1952.5m3
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