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Wilds Trader

design by Dave Nelson

The wilds trader is a 800-ton starship common in the spinnward part of the Diaspora sector. Original designed as an exploration/trading vessel for unsettled and frontier area the Wilds Trader came back into Vogue with the collapse of Imperilal cilization as the Rebellion made more and more system unsafe for convental traders.

When the Collapse came a far number of Wilds Traders were able to survive. A number of free trader and guild members use the wild traders. Two Wilds Traders are known Raiders , the Burnt Land and the Ivaarsen. Any sighting of these two ship is to be reported to the RCN or RCES as soon as possible. There is only on example of a Wild Trader design in the R.C. The TSS FoxHound (10301), which is presently under going a extensive refitt on Trybec.

Wilds Trader

General Data

Displacement: 800 tons Hull Armor: 20
Length: 70 meters Volume: 11200m3
Price: 536.76 MCr Target Size: S
Configuration: Wedge AF Tech Level: 12
Mass (Loaded/Unloaded): 9529.102/6416.202

Engineering Data

Power Plant: 940MW Fission Plant (52MW/hit); 1 year duration.
Jump Performance: 3 (2240m)
G-Rating: 2 (400mw/g) contra-grav lifters (80mw)
G-Turns: 40g turns (84.8 using jump fuel) (50m each)
Fuel Tankage: ##m3 Fuel Scoops
Maint: 420


Computer: 3TL-12 Model st (.4mw each)
Commo: 2x TL-12 300,000km radio (10hex, 10mw each [only one powered]) 1000Au Masser (**, .6mw)
Sensors: Passive Ems fix array 120,000km (4hex, .15mw), Active Ems 180,000km array (6,20wm).
Controls: Controls: 8 bridge workstations, 11 normal workstations,


Defensive: None
Master Fire Directors:


Life Support: Extended 1.392mw grav compensators (3g, 34.8mw)
Crew:31: 11x engineering, 1x electronics, 2x maneuver, 9x gunnery, 2x maintenance, 4x command, 1x steward, 1x medical
Crew Accommodations: 31x small staterooms (.0005mw each, single occupancy)
Passenger Accommodations: 13x small staterooms ( .0005mw each),
Other Facilities: Medical Bay (1mw )
Cargo: 2822m3 with 9 large cargo hatches
Small Craft and Launch Facilities:
Air Locks: 8


There is a power short fall of 48.902mw. This short fall can be made up by securing the countra gravity and only using one radio.

Damage Tables

Area Surface Hit Internal Explosions
1 Ant (1-6) electronics (7-20) quarters
2-3 1: AL (1-2) LT (3-28) quarters (19-20) hold
4-5 (1-2) LT (3-28) quarters (19-20) hold
6-12 1-2 CH Hold
15-16 (1-2) LT (3-20) hold
17-19 (1-15) ENG (16-20) hold
20 ENG
System damages
MFD: 2h; LT: 1H; JD: 12H; MD: 1H; PP 18H; LS: 8H; ELS: 4H; FFP: 8H; CG: 1H; AG: 1H

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